How to Design a Calming Evening Routine

I think we all can admit, it’s the little things we do each day that make the biggest impact in our lives. But to design a calming evening routine, is this a solution to the struggle with the juggle of life? 

Maybe you can relate to the following…

You worked hard all day.

You suffered through a jam-packed commute home.

You arrived home, made dinner, did the dishes, did the chores, and prepared yourself to do it all again tomorrow.

After a long stressful day, do you feel like this???

Then, there are those precious few evening hours when your time is entirely yours.

But something still nags at you – after the go go go of a long day, you find it hard to switch gears into relaxation mode.

Everyone’s been there before. It can be challenging to pivot toward self-care and relaxation in the evening hours. To do so successfully, day after day, you need a dedicated routine.

This article looks at

4 Ways to Craft a Calming Evening Routine

From the moment your last task is finished to the moment you lay your head down in bed, you can feel at ease with these straightforward tips.

1) Power Down

In order to power down your brain, you should power down your devices too.

Understandably, you want to check your social media feeds to stay on top of the latest news, gossip, and goings-on. But social media, by nature, can be agitating. If it isn’t an endless scroll of bad news, it’s a litany of hot-takes and in-fighting.

Either way, it preys on your body’s natural stress responses.

Some social media use is fine (partaking in current hot-button issues can help you stay informed), but the evening may not be the best time for it. If you truly want to relax, put the phone away – it will be waiting for you in the morning.

2) Sip on Reishi Mushrooms Tea

Rather than reach for a bottle of wine or umpteenth coffee, unwind with an ingredient that helps you relax without any crash or hangover afterward.

Traditional medicine practitioners have used reishi mushrooms for centuries to promote better sleep, lower stress, and a sharper sense of focus.

Plenty of people swear by a hot cup of reishi mushroom tea in the evening, citing feelings of calmness and contentedness without the foggy feeling that often accompanies alcohol.

It’s easy to procure through an online superfoods company, and easy to prepare as well (just add hot water to the powder).

3) Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness isn’t just about sitting in silence, and it certainly isn’t about “clearing” your mind. Rather, practicing mindfulness allows you to detach from the negative emotional impacts your thoughts have. You still have thoughts, but you redefine your relationship to those thoughts.

Sound complicated?

It really isn’t.

There are several resources online – apps, websites, video channels, etc. – to help you get started.

4) Some Light Exercise May Do the Trick

Yes, it’s difficult to muster the energy for exercise at the end of a long day. But if you can, you may be rewarded with a stress-free end to the day.

Exercise increases endorphins, neurotransmitters that produce a mild sense of euphoria. Since exercise closely mimics a bodily stress response, it also reduces your overall stress levels by training your body to respond to stressors.

Medical experts and researchers agree that just half an hour of movement a day can work wonders on your mental wellbeing.

With a powered-down phone, a mug of reishi mushroom tea, a mindful attitude, and a little sweat, you can make the last hours of your day a serene experience. After a hectic day, isn’t that what you deserve?

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