Natural Ways to Fight Chronic Fatigue

While most people experience fatigue sometime in their lives, chronic fatigue occurs when the feeling of exhaustion goes on for more than six months. It can be a symptom of a lack of sleep, illness, and hormonal changes, among other causes. However, when no apparent underlying cause can be identified as the cause of the ongoing fatigue, the condition becomes known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or myalgic encephalomyelitis. Chronic fatigue can affect your daily life, but while even rest and sleep may not seem to help, these 10 natural approaches just might.

Mindful exercise

People practicing thai chi in park

Regular exercise is often recommended to help boost energy levels, but those who suffer from chronic fatigue may find that exercise can do more harm than good in terms of their energy. Known as post-exertional malaise, physical activity can cause stress in chronic fatigue sufferers, leaving them feeling worse the next day. In this case, a more careful approach to exercise may be needed. Utilizing gentle and mindful exercise forms like tai chi have been shown to be beneficial for some chronic fatigue sufferers. This mindful exercise can help get your body moving without causing the stress that can send you into a bout of extended exhaustion.

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