10 Simple Home Remedies for Allergies

If you’re among the 20 percent of the general population who suffer from allergies, dealing with a runny nose, tickling throat, and red itchy eyes may be all too familiar. Most of the time, allergies stem from an oversensitive immune system reacting to “false alarms” in the environment, with triggers as simple as a dusty room or insect bite kicking it into high gear. Thankfully, there are natural ways to reduce the impact of allergies on daily life, including these home remedies to relieve symptoms and eliminate common triggers.


Eating kimchi cabbage in a bowl with chopsticks, Korean food

Your microbiome, including the good bacteria in your gut, skin, and airways, plays a major role in your immune function—such as your response to allergens. Allergies are on the rise, partly due to our changing lifestyles and its effect on our microbiomes. Eating probiotic-rich foods daily, such as natural yogurt, kimchi, and other fermented foods, along with prebiotic fiber from unrefined grains, is a simple and delicious way to re-establish a healthy microbiome.

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