100 free courses from Mexican universities by 2021

January 11, 2021 4 min read

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In terms of virtual education , Mexico has become a true power, offering a wide variety of free courses for students from all over the world.

For the first time, we have managed to gather an agenda of online courses taught by the four most prestigious universities in Mexico. In addition to UNAM and Tec de Monterrey , we now have the inclusion of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana and the Universidad Anáhuac .

Before knowing the list of free courses of Mexican universities for 2021, let’s clear up some frequent doubts on the subject of online learning:

Can I enroll in more than one course?

So is. Actually, it all depends on your own abilities. If you feel confident that you can take more than one course, take it seriously and responsibly. Remember that a study opportunity is an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Do I have to pay for the courses?

No. The courses we share are free to access. This means that you do not need to pay for enrollment or enrollment, much less for the content that you will learn each week.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

The digital certification that each university in Mexico grants is subject to a price. Of course, no student is conditioned to pay to take the course. The decision to receive an accreditation rests exclusively with the student who wishes it.

Having clarified these points, we share the updated agendas of free courses from Mexican universities:

Tec de Monterrey: free courses for 2021

Courses available for 2021: Tecnológico de Monterrey is one of the main pioneers of ICTs in Latin America and Mexico. For this 2021, the private university is ranked three in Latin America.

In its current agenda of virtual courses we find diverse topics ranging from physics and astronomy, social sciences, education, mathematics and logic, business strategy, leadership and management, business ventures, marketing, among others.

UNAM: free courses for 2021

The National Autonomous University of Mexico, located within the Top 10 universities in Latin America, currently boasts the widest educational offer in the region, reaching more than two million enrollments in its virtual courses.

In the following agenda we will find online courses on social sciences, education, computer science, data analysis, web and mobile development, business fundamentals, business, finance, personal development, algorithms, electrical engineering, arts, philosophy, governance and society. , environmental science and much more.

Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana: free courses for 2021

Rated as the fourth best university in Mexico, the UAM is known in the country for being one of the institutions with the most research contributions.

Although it is relatively “new” in the world of online courses, it currently offers us an academic agenda of topics such as: mathematics, geometry, chemistry, number and logic.

Universidad Anáhuac: free courses for 2021

The Universidad Anáhuac de México is one of the best private higher education entities. Its schedule of free courses integrates an assorted list of topics for students of: data science, economics and finance, English, communication, health and safety, medicine, business management, among others.

Now everything depends on you. Get virtual training with the new free courses offered by one of the best universities in Mexico.

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