15 Sustainable and Green Business Ideas for You

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Do you want to change the world but at the same time have a business that makes you money? We give you these ideas with ecological impact that represent the new wave of social entrepreneurship .

1. Green walls

This business consists of placing natural plants on interior and exterior walls of homes, offices or architecture and decoration offices, among others. Before starting the installation, you must prepare the wall with a coating to avoid humidity, the generation of insects or the proliferation of bacteria.

You will also have to install a system of hoses programmed for the self-watering of the wall, and maintain the vertical garden during the first three months to check that the plants grow correctly. Create alliances with local greenhouses to obtain a wholesale cost in the raw material.

2. Ecological disposables

At least once a week a disposable utensil is used, for an average of 15 minutes, according to the Ecoshell company. Styrofoam or plastic are the most common materials they are made of, and once thrown away, it takes between 500 and 1,500 years to fully degrade.

To reduce environmental damage, it markets disposables made from organic elements. These, unlike the others, biodegrade completely in a time of 90 to 240 days, since they are consumed by bacteria and microorganisms in the earth. Your main clients: restaurants with home delivery, local businesses and catering companies.

3. Advertising bicycles

In addition to a means of transportation, bicycles can serve as an advertising medium, mounting advertisements on their wheels or on adapted structures at the rear. Hire drivers for several units and monitor them with an app and a GPS system that counts the kilometers traveled. Set your rates based on the number of bicycles hired and the kilometers traveled per day or month. Your potential clients: advertising agencies, local businesses or companies seeking to position their brand. To reach them, use marketing tools like social media and Internet AdWords campaigns.

4. Organic enamels

Beauty is not in conflict with conscience. The target market for these products are people interested in environmental and health care, who are willing to spend a little more to contribute to these ends. For example, nail polishes with natural pigments that are not tested on animals, do not contain toxic substances or derivatives of wheat, oats or vitamin E, so they can be used by celiacs and pregnant women. Your main marketing channels can be bazaars, boutiques and organic stores, as well as via e-commerce.

Make sure you have the largest catalog of colors possible to reach all tastes.

5. Car wash without water

Contribute to saving this vital liquid by providing the car wash service with biodegradable products that replace water. Serve your clients through an appointment record on the website or app, and go personally to the people’s home or office, or hire a group of scrubbers to cover more areas in your locality. Be even more ecological by using bicycles as a means of transport, and equip them with products for external washing, waxing and cleaning of glasses and clothes. Another good idea is to get a mobile point of sale terminal (POS) to charge with Smartphone or Tablet.

6. Dry cleaning and ecological laundry

Few people have the time, space, or desire to wash or iron in their homes. Start with a dry cleaner in a local of at least 45m2, at street level or in a shopping center. It offers added value by using machinery that minimizes the use of water – up to 20% compared to traditional dry cleaning machines – and biodegradable detergents. Consider that by using technologically sustainable equipment, you also reduce electricity consumption, so your fixed expenses can decrease considerably. Train employees and delegate the operation to a manager.

7. Urban repairs

The business consists of repairing asphalt with a technique of heating by means of infrared rays. This process allows damaged asphalt to be recovered and reused to minimize the use of new material, which is a petroleum derivative. Charge according to the amount of m2 you repair and obtain additional income by selling paint for signage on sidewalks, avenues, residential complexes and parking lots.

Your potential customers are: hospitals, schools, companies and even local governments. Hire two to three people to do the repairs or create alliances with contractor companies.

8. Intimate hygiene

The use of disposable products – diapers and sanitary napkins – have a high environmental impact, since they are considered by the Waste Law as “inorganic of limited use” because the reuse of their components is almost nil.

If you take into account that a woman of reproductive age uses about 250 sanitary pads a year, the problem takes on considerable dimensions. Help reduce the impact by marketing sustainable products such as cloth diapers and menstrual cups. Your target market is women between the ages of 20 and 40. Sell online but don’t discount local fairs or expos on weekends.

9. Organic responsibility

It serves those who have specific food needs with the marketing of organic bread and desserts made from certified inputs. Take care to make them free of milk, eggs, sugar, preservatives and hormones, so that they can be consumed by vegans or people with conditions such as diabetes, autism or cancer. To sell wholesale, go to organic markets, hospitals and foundations that serve people with these conditions.

Offer your desserts for your cafes or catering for your events or meetings. To win your first customers, give free samples of your creations to potential buyers.

10. Solar panels

Being located in the planet’s solar belt, Mexico is favored by? Solar radiation with six usable hours of sun, twice what European countries such as Germany have, as reported by the Institute of Geophysics of UNAM. Therefore, the installation of solar panels is a trend that has gained interest in the country.

It serves regions where the electricity grid is scarce, businesses with high energy consumption or families concerned about reducing their polluting emissions and spending on their bills. Integrate your staff with engineers, installers and a lawyer for the management of building permits.

11. Filters and water purifiers

In 2004, civil associations and Conagua analyzed the water quality of 500 rural wells and found that 54% were contaminated with fecal matter. So from that date they have implemented campaigns to reverse the situation. It contributes to reducing this contamination by commercializing portable filters for taps and bottles that eliminate 100% of bacteria and parasites – certified by the Ministry of Health. Installation takes five minutes and anyone can do it; so you can sell the packaged product or install it yourself.

12. Biodegradable for pets

Avoiding bad odors at home and not harming the health of pets are two common concerns of their owners. It meets these needs by commercializing biodegradable products –certified by Sagarpa–, made from essential oils. Your catalog can range from soaps, shampoo and odor remover to repellents and aromatherapy products to reduce stress for animals. Your potential customers are pet stores, veterinary clinics, or organic stores, as well as owners. Spend two to three hours a day or weekends scouting for leads and delivering products.

13. Natural comics

The nopal, in addition to being present in traditional Mexican cuisine since pre-Hispanic times, has properties that make it a source of nutrients for the human body. One of its most recent exploits is in the industry – beauty. It sells cosmetics made from this cactus, such as mascara for eyelashes, make-up removers, powders and body creams, free of substances derived from petroleum. Your potential customers are stores? With a sustainable vocation or people with specific dermatological needs. Promote, market and process your orders using digital platforms.

14. Organic crops

Organic markets are opening the door to small producers, and you can join this opportunity with your own cultivation of vegetables and ornamental plants, starting with only 5m2. Train yourself to master the cultivation methods and the different techniques –garden, hydroponics or greenhouse–, as well as irrigation systems, plant nutrition and pest control. Your main customers are: shops, local markets and your acquaintances or, if your capacity allows it, supply centers. Consider that you should invest 20 minutes a day for every m2 you plant, in addition to doing sales work to market your products.

15. Gas savers

Gasoline and electricity prices continue to rise. Help citizens to have savings on these expenses with a business for the sale and installation of savers. These are 6cm wide devices that allow savings between 12 and 15% in the regular consumption of gasoline, diesel and electricity, as well as the reduction of minerals accumulated in the water pipes. The equipment is installed in hoses, tubes or through wiring in just 10 minutes. Start offering the solution to your acquaintances and expand your client portfolio to offices, restaurants, schools and private homes.

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