3 Ways Leaders With Disabilities Can Leverage Their Resources to Excel

Succeed beyond your limitations by making the most out of your people, time and finances.

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18, 2021

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If you’re a leader with a disability who manages a company, some days might feel like more of an uphill battle than usual. As the person in charge, you might even feel added pressure to always perform your best. Having a disability can make leading challenging; however, if you are able to leverage the resources around you, overseeing your organization can become easier.

The following three tips will give you new ways to take advantage of your available assets, ultimately preparing you for success.

1. Honor your flow of time

As a leader with a disability, it might take you longer to finish everyday tasks that can quickly be done by someone without a limitation. Moreover, an ailment can spike at unplanned moments, leaving you constantly stressed and wishing you had others to lean on.

To prepare for this unpredictability, plan ahead. Honor your peak performance points and train employees to step in during those occasions when you are not at your best. Whether you are an early bird or thrive better in the afternoon, be intentional with your time. To make the most out of the limited hours in a day, consider when you feel more efficient and use that opportunity to conquer pressing matters or important assignments. When you’re having an off day, turn over a few of your responsibilities to the specific people you trained. This will ensure that you are supported so that no minutes are wasted.

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Furthermore, consider setting alarms throughout the day. These alerts will allow you to track your activities so you can perform optimally. Having a time-management system in place will allow you to allocate enough time to various jobs while leaving space to take phone calls or make impromptu appointments in case your disability is hindering your focus.

Giving yourself a specific time frame to complete a project can increase your productivity and prevent you from over-exerting yourself on one task. When you adjust your work patterns to match the flow of your energy, you will be far more efficient.

2. Utilize your team to fill in gaps

It can be easy to feel defeated when there are certain actions that you physically or mentally are unable to perform. Scrambling to complete daily tasks, while having a limitation, can be overwhelming at times. This is why it is important to find team members who will close the gap between what slows you down and what needs to be done. This can be an assistant who will be your eyes or ears for certain tasks, such as running errands or compiling research. Handing over duties to that right-hand person beats the exhaustion of trying to accomplish everything by yourself.

You might also find an partner who will motivate you on the days that feel extra grueling. This person could even share a similar disability and be able to understand the hurdles you face.

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Finally, it is important to have team members who specialize in jobs that are outside of your wheelhouse. It can be taxing to be your own accountant, attorney, marketer and more, particularly for a leader with a disability. It’s important to find those experts who will help you conquer unfamiliar territory. Knowing that others are there to assist you when you are struggling will create a positive work environment where everyone contributes to the and plays a valuable role.

3. Be resourceful with your money

Sometimes, it can be easy to let your finances get away from you, especially if you have a condition that makes it hard to stay on top of your funds. If you have someone else assisting you with writing your checks or navigating online banking, you might not always be the one in charge of where your capital is going. The solution to being more resourceful with your money is to have a clear . Make sure you have a grasp on what you’re financing and how much is being allocated to the different sectors of your company. When you step back and evaluate your budget, you might readjust how you’re spending your money. This could entail assessing whether an hourly or commission-based payment is more suitable for your spending plan. It can also mean deciding to hire an employee only part-time instead of full-time.

More importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for discounts or seek out free services that will aid in funding your venture. There are many state programs and nonprofits that provide resources to business owners with disabilities, which can be a weight off your shoulders. If you can receive free or low-cost services to help with your disability, then you can invest more money in other parts of your organization to help it flourish further. By planning and analyzing your budget, you will be confident in your financial decisions and prepared for the future.

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Leveraging your time, people and money will allow you to manage your agenda in a seamless way. Effectively utilizing your time will alleviate a lot of stress in the work day. Bringing on capable team members who will support you can give you the power to accomplish more, faster. Responsibly handling your money will lead to more growth potential for your company. These are the keys to allow you to surpass any limitation and run a business you are proud of.

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