5 Tech Stocks To Watch In June 2021

28, 2021

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Could These Top Tech Stocks Be Worth Investing In?

For investors looking for the most active stocks today, tech stocks could be in their sights. After all, the tech industry as a whole appears to be on the recovery in the stock market today. If anything, the growth story in tech remains the same. This is because tech companies will likely continue to innovate and compete, such is the nature of tech today. Not only would this benefit organizations and investors alike, but it would also accelerate the adoption of new technologies globally. Could this be enough to warrant investors taking advantage of the current weakness in the sector?

Well, like it or not, the world today is heavily reliant on tech. For example, we could look at the personal computer company Dell (NYSE: DELL). Just this week, Dell saw earnings of $2.13 a share, well above consensus projections of $1.61. The company cites strong demand for its desktops and laptops throughout the quarter for this performance. Indeed, the consumer tech industry continues to power on regardless of the state of the world.

Meanwhile, the booming cybersecurity industry is also making headlines today. This is because of Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) latest blog post regarding the infamous SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI) hack. Essentially, Microsoft believes that the Russian hackers responsible have just launched another major cyberattack on over 150 organizations worldwide. As such, the need for tech as a means of defense in this modern age is greater than ever. No doubt, as the importance of tech continues to expand, tech stocks could become a more viable bet for investors. With that in mind, here are five top tech stocks in the stock market now.

Best Tech Stocks To Buy [Or Avoid]  In June

Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc.

Virgin is a spaceflight company that develops commercial spacecraft. The company aims to provide suborbital spaceflights to space tourists in the near future. Also, it is a vertically integrated aerospace company and uses its proprietary and reusable technologies for both private individuals and researchers. SPCE stock currently trades at $32.23 as of 2:19 p.m. ET and is up by over 50% since the start of the month.

top tech stocks (SPCE stock)
Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

On May 22, 2021, the company announced that it had successfully completed its first human spaceflight from Spaceport America, New Mexico. In detail, its VSS Unity achieved a speed of Mach 3 after being released from the mothership VMS Eve and reached space at an altitude of 55.45 miles before gliding smoothly to a runway landing at Spaceport America.

It has successfully completed a number of test objectives during the flight. This includes carrying out revenue-generating scientific research experiments as part of NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program and testing the spaceship’s upgraded horizontal stabilizers and flight controls. For these reasons, will you consider buying SPCE stock?

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Salesforce is a cloud-based software company that is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It provides customer relationship management service and also provides a complementary suite of enterprise applications. CRM stock currently trades at $239.45 as of 2:20 p.m. ET. Yesterday, the company reported strong first-quarter financials.

best tech stocks (CRM Stock)
Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

In it, Salesforce reported a revenue of $5.96 billion for the quarter, a 23% increase year-over-year. It also says that it currently has a remaining performance obligation of approximately $17.8 billion, up by 23% year-over-year. Salesforce says that this is the best first quarter in its company’s history so far. Its

Its Customer 360 platform is proving to be the most relevant technology for companies accelerating out of the pandemic. It is also raising its revenue guidance for this fiscal year by $250 million to approximately $26 billion. Given the excitement surrounding the company, will you add CRM stock to your portfolio?

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Roku Inc.

Roku is a tech company that essentially pioneered streaming for TVs. In essence, it is an advertising business and its streaming devices also offer access to streaming services like Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX). Millions of people across the world use Roku’s streaming devices. Its platform enables content providers and advertisers to reach a massive and highly engaged consumer audience. ROKU stock currently trades at $350.13 as of 2:20 p.m. ET.

best tech stocks to buy (ROKU stock)
Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

On Thursday, the company announced a landmark agreement with Saban Films. The agreement will grant Roku the pay-one window streaming rights to movies released by Saban Films. Under the agreement, a selection of Saban’s 2021 film slate will stream free exclusively on Roku’s ad-supported streaming service, The Roku Channel.

Saban Films is a great partner with a history of creating standout films,” said Rob Holmes, VP of Programming for Roku. “This first-of-its-kind agreement allows us to bring these compelling films exclusively to our large, engaged audience for free, and to build upon the incredible growth of The Roku Channel.” With that in mind, will you consider buying ROKU stock?

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PayPal Holdings Inc.

PayPal is an online payment system that is used in the majority of countries that support online money transfers. The company is committed to democratizing financial services and empowering both people and businesses to thrive in this globalized economy. Its open digital payments platform is used by over 325 million active account holders. PYPL stock currently trades at $261.22 as of 2:21 p.m. ET.

best tech stocks to buy (PYPL stock)
Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

Last month, the company announced the launch of crypto on Venmo. This would allow for Venmo’s more than 70 million customers to buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrency directly within the Venmo app. Customers using crypto on Venmo can choose from four types of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Etheruem, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Is PYPL stock worth buying given the prominence of digital payments and online transactions in 2021?

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Twilio Inc.

Another top tech company in focus now would be Twilio. In brief, Twilio is a San Francisco-based tech company that provides cloud communication services. Through its platform-as-a-service model, Twilio allows software developers to program communication lines between organizations and their customers. Now, this resulted in TWLO stock becoming one of the hottest tech stocks of 2020 as the pandemic created a massive demand for Twilio’s offerings. TWLO stock currently trades at $337.70 as of 2:21 p.m. ET. Could now be the time for investors to buy in?

top tech stocks to watch (TWLO stock)
Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

If anything, Twilio has been busy expanding its current offerings. Earlier this week, the company launched its Super SIM (SS), cellular Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity platform. In a nutshell, SS works with Twilio’s existing electronic SIM card services to provide organizations with best-in-class IoT connectivity.

Moreover, the company also acquired leading provider of toll-free messaging in the U.S., Zipwhip, earlier this month. Through this acquisition, Twilio would be significantly expanding its toll-free messaging services. As the company kicks into high gear, would you consider TWLO stock a buy?

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