6 Flags That You Shouldn’t Take the Job

These warning signs will help you determine whether a position is the wrong fit for you.

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Many times, when young people are looking for a job for the first time, they are so eager to get a position that they do not adequately analyze whether it is the right place for their professional development. Here are six red flags that indicate that it may not be a good idea to take a job that in a few months will make you wonder: what did I get myself into?

1. They tell you that the responsibilities will increase, but the pay does not increase in the same proportion

If the job interview lists a lot more responsibilities than what was reported in the job description, pay attention. It is normal that not all the duties are detailed, but if the list grows alarmingly it may not correspond to the pay that is offered. Analyze if these other activities will help you gain new skills or if it will be your duty to meet obligations that should correspond to another area or person. Do not forget to ask your interviewer all the doubts that arise in this regard, because they are an important decision factor.

2. Lack of learning opportunities

You must analyze how much opportunity for growth the job will offer you, either through the activities that you will carry out on a daily basis or whether the company cares about inviting professionals to give talks and advise their employees, offer training courses, consultancies or even encourage their employees to take courses elsewhere. Find out if the company allocates a special budget to this area.

3. Accepting the job will lead you in the wrong direction

Even if you are not very clear about where you want to go professionally, there may be signs that the position is not for you. Think of this as time that you will “spend” doing something that will not make you happy or give you the experience or learning that you require, while your professional competence develops the skills that you would like to acquire. It really is a way of losing competitiveness, and this dissatisfaction could affect your productivity. It would not be a win-win for you or the company.

4. If there is a constant change of personnel or constant resignations

It’s hard to tell at first glance, but there may be some clear signs. See if any vacancy is constantly advertised on job boards or pages where you are looking for a job or if a company is always looking for staff. It is a red flag, because people are not satisfied with that place. Another possibility is that your interviewer mentions that it is a difficult position to fill or in which there is a lot of turnover. You can even ask direct questions, such as: What would employees like to change about the company? Has the sector suffered blows and how have they been managed? Depending on the responses you receive, you can make your decision.

5. Nobody asks you what your long-term goals are

If the interviewer is not interested in your plans for the future and does not tell you about growth possibilities within the company, he, she or they are probably only interested in your occupying a job that does not have much future. Ask about the evolution and the challenges that your position may present in the future so that you can determine if there will be growth or not.

6. There is no chemistry with who will be your direct boss

In the interview phases at some point, you will be interviewed by who will be your immediate boss. Make sure you empathize with and get along with the person; analyze whether they will have a fruitful employment relationship. Otherwise, they may be your first enemy in the company or someone who limits your potential. They don’t have to be your best friend, but they do have to be someone who can act as a guide and mentor and not step on you with every step you take.

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