6 tips for safe sightseeing

22, 2021

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Without a doubt, traveling is one of the greatest pleasures in life; However, when you do, you must take the necessary precautions to avoid having a bad time. Therefore, we share 6 safety tips that you should take into account before embarking on the adventure.

1. Always investigate what the place you are going to visit is like

Although it seems a common place, an essential safety tip is to investigate details about the place or places you are going to visit. This is not only so that your impact is not negative for the environment, but also so that you avoid being a victim of unpleasant experiences.

To do this, you can check the news about the town or use the experiences of other travelers in Facebook groups (about certain areas and even about tourist service providers). You can also check the destination map to locate in advance the main streets, guard booths, medical care or tourist information centers (if it has the approval of the Secretary of Tourism, it is better).

Tourist Information Module in Zacatecas

Tourist Information Module in Zacatecas / Image: Government of Zacatecas

2. Keep a backup of emergency numbers

With technological advancement, many of us have chosen to rely entirely on devices such as cell phones. Because of this, when we run out of them things can get very complicated. For this reason, it is important that you carry a small paper or notebook with the emergency numbers of the locality, as well as with some of the contacts of your family members or trusted friends.

What to do if my cell phone is lost or stolen?

It is important that, before leaving on a trip or home, you have your phone code to be able to report it in case of theft or loss. To do this you just have to dial * # 06 # and write down the code; thus, in case it is stolen from you, you can call Locatel and request that your device be blocked. This will prevent thieves from obtaining personal information or reselling it.

3. Bring a copy of your important documents

For security, it is always good to carry some official identification. However, to avoid putting them at risk, some tourists prefer to leave them in the hotel safe. And while this prevents you from losing them, it also prevents you from proving your identity if necessary.

However, a solution could be to always carry copies of your important documents and keep them in different places than the originals. In addition, to avoid risking the originals, you can carry these copies when leaving the hotel. This point is very important especially if you are a foreigner since processing documents such as identification or passport in another country can be complicated.

Security advice

Safety tips / Image: La Magdalena Contreras

4. Try not to carry too many high-value items

Unless you are going to a resort or have important or gala dinners, try not to bring high-value items such as jewelry or objects like that. This applies especially if what you want is to populate; so, as they say “don’t take something out of the house if you’re not willing to lose it.”

On the other hand, if you like to take pictures and your team is semi-professional or professional, try not to wear the camera around your neck; try to wrap the strap around your wrist as it is more discreet (and this is usually very striking for lovers of other people’s things). Another of the safety tips that you should know is that you ensure that the backpack does not have the brand of the camera as it is easier to identify.

5. Keep your loved ones informed about the route of your trip

It does not matter if you hire the service of an authorized travel agency or if you go backpacking, it is essential that you have an activity itinerary and that you share it with your friends or family. And although plans may change due to various factors, be sure to keep your loved ones up to date.

This is very relevant especially if you are going to do nature tourism because, although you must always be accompanied by an expert guide, in case there is an unforeseen event, your loved ones will know where to look for you.

Magical Towns of Northern Mexico

MD Magical Towns of Northern Mexico

6. Bring cash and a first aid kit with you

If you feel like backpacking or visiting remote places, then you should take these safety tips into account. The first is to always carry cash, especially if you are going away from tourist areas because, the more you do it, the less probability there will be that you will be able to find a bank or an ATM (and much less that they accept cards in establishments) .

Likewise, it is necessary that you have some financial support and that you keep it in a secret or unusual place for any emergency. (The saving money in the sock applies here).

On the other hand, in remote places it will be difficult for you to find first aid materials. Due to this, it is necessary that you take precautions and that you carry basic elements such as a bottle of alcohol, gauze and even some medicine to counteract stomach infections or something similar.

Now yes, traveler! Let’s pack and have a good trip!

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