6 Ways to Stay Positive during Quarantine

2020 has not been the best year for many of us. With the outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns that followed, it is safe to conclude that many people have a lot of anger towards this year. This is the primary reason why it is crucial now, more than ever, for us to empathize and encourage one another to stay positive.

Obviously, quarantine still looks like the new norm that we must adjust to and embrace. However, many people still find it hard to live with it, whether emotionally, socially, or financially.

In fact, the fear and uncertainty of the COVID-19 outbreak can only be compared to the fear people felt during the world war periods which explain why most people are finding it difficult to stay positive in these unpredictable times.

Fortunately, there are still many things you can do to stay positive. Keep reading to find out the secret to staying positive during quarantine.

1.    Start Your Day with Gratitude Practice

This may sound weird, but it works. Actively focusing on what you are grateful for before you reach your mobile phone to start watching videos on TikTok can make a massive difference during quarantine. You have to trust in yourself and be grateful for the gift of life that you are enjoying.

Being grateful and hopeful that things will be back to normal soon puts you in a positive mindset that can help you even fight depression.

There are different ways you can do this. You can either start a gratitude journal or make a simple gratitude list. You can also write a gratitude letter to some of the people who have impacted your life or find a gratitude friend and start each day by texting each other, something that you are grateful for in life.

If you are married and living with your partner, ensure you develop a routine of telling him/her something that he/she does that you really appreciate. The bottom line is to be grateful to find the strength to keep pushing on.

2.    Follow a Routine

When you are forced to work from home or learn online, it is easy to fall into a comfort zone of rolling out of your bed and heading straight to your computer. Before you know, it is 2:00 pm and half of the day is already gone.

Therefore, it is critical to follow a routine since it helps you feel more proactive, positive and focused.  Wake up early, take a shower, drink a glass of water, prepare a cup of coffee, exercise, make a to-do list then turn on your computer.

Remember to take breaks in between your work /class schedule to stretch your legs and don’t skip lunch. Once you are through with your to-do list, take a break and spend time doing something that you enjoy before you prepare dinner and retire to bed.

3.    Exercise for At Least 30 Minutes Everyday

It is common knowledge that exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle but do you know why? Besides burning calories and playing a critical role in weight loss, it is also a major mood booster- a valuable thing to have during quarantine.

Although many gyms have been shut down until further notice, you can still exercise outdoors to keep fit and boost your mood. During exercise, your body releases a wide range of chemical substances that can improve your mood and make you feel more relaxed.

Furthermore, regular exercise stimulates your body to release proteins and other chemical substances the help to improve the overall structure and function of your brain.

While you are restricted indoors, it can be quiet easy to feel like you have lost control over your life. However, with regular exercise, you can get over these feelings and take control of your body and mind. So, it is time to switch off Netflix and exercise!

4.    Challenge Yourself

Another way of staying positive during quarantine is to challenge yourself to become better at something new. You can take up a new hobby, learn cooking or a new language. You can even start challenging yourself to complete household chores on time or reading more books.

Either way, setting yourself challenges and tasks to get through the quarantine break will make the time you spent in isolation much more worthwhile than if you just sat on the couch in your pajamas all day.

A great way is to invest the extra time you have got into something that can support your personal and mental growth.  Practicing meditation or yoga can be an excellent way to calm down your mind and develop acceptance.

5.    Change Your Scenery

We know that it is almost impossible to go for that vacation that you had been planning for, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some minor changes to your home to suit your new needs. You don’t need to spend money on new furniture to shake up things.

Performing some little tasks such as breaking up visual patterns and rearranging your living room can play a critical role in shifting your mood. Move your work desk or kitchen table, so you are looking out in a different window while you cook or work.

You can also move your favorite piece of art in the house to a new spot or put up new posters to change the appearance of your house.  Change the position of your bed, rearrange your kitchen and don’t be afraid to do the wacky things that cross your mind. After all, we are living in wacky times!

6.    Schedule a Virtual Hangout

Lastly, you need to hang out with your friends and family, albeit virtually. Being in quarantine doesn’t mean life stopped. In fact, you will be surprised at how great it feels to catch up with someone you haven’t seen in a while.

Use the quarantine time to rekindle relationships and start new ones if possible. It provides a sense of togetherness and is an excellent way of staying positive during quarantine.

Try out crazy ideas such as scheduling a virtual dinner date with a friend or loved one. Take a shower, get dressed up, prepare the same meal and pretend you are on a diner together via zoom or Facetime.  You will be surprised at how it feels and will want to do it again!

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