66% of Mexicans used YouTube to feel accompanied at home office

In the new report on culture and trends on Latin America, YouTube highlighted that users play a video while doing anything else.

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22, 2021

5 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

During this pandemic, have you posted any video to feel accompanied while working at home? You are not the only one. According to the most recent report by the YouTube Culture and Trends team, 66% of Mexicans used the Google video platform to feel that they were in a different place.

“Some content creates a sense of connection by optimizing immediacy. Intimacy is enhanced by the ‘real-time’ nature of content experiences that allow the viewer to engage in an activity or experience simultaneously with others, ”said Kevin Alloca, Leader of YouTube’s Global Culture and Trends.

According to the platform, people’s desire to connect during the most intense moments of social restrictions was reflected in an increase in consumption of live events on YouTube, from soccer to gaming, to even freestyle rap. For example, live broadcasts of Red Bull Batalla de Gallos from Argentina, Mexico, Spain and the global final totaled more than 20 million views.

Another event that sparked real-time conversation among users from different countries in the region was the landing of NASA’s Perseverance rover on Mars , with 2 million viewers in real time and 21 million views.

The rise of LoFi

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A very interesting phenomenon reported by YouTube in Latin America was the growth of channels that serve as accompaniment to study or work known as LoFi, which transmit music in low definition so that a solitary activity becomes a shared experience. In that sense, for example, the Lofi Girl channel (formerly known as Chill Cow) generated 890 million streams.

It is not surprising since 70% of Mexicans agree that they like to put videos to keep them company while they do other things and 92% said they have seen a live broadcast in the last 12 months.

One of the biggest examples of connection is the mother of all fandoms, BTS’s Army. For the release of “Butter”, the live stream of an animated piece of butter not only received more than 960 thousand maximum simultaneous views and more than 17 million total views, but it became a trending video in the biggest part of Latin America, being within the top five positions in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Argentina.

Authentic content

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On the other hand, another type of video that has seen growth is the one that reflects the day-to-day and authentic aspects of Latin American life.

“Video as a mode of communication has become even less mediated, and a broader range of artists and creators are developing the idea of what ‘authenticity’ means, forging new kinds of connections with viewers in the process,” added Karla. Agis, Manager of Culture and Trends for YouTube in Latin America.

75% of Mexicans agree that content does not need to look professional to find it valuable. In this way, several channels have grown in recent months by addressing their content through informality.

An example of this occurred recently on April 7, when Tomiii11 , a 10-year-old boy from Chile, made headlines by sharing his own story and his desire to be a popular creator and streamer and went from 2,000 subscribers to 3 million. in one day. A few days later, the same situation was repeated, this time with the Mexican grandmother and an expert in Guerrero cuisine Cooking with Ninfa . Her desire to become an outstanding creator went viral and even aroused the interest and support of one of the biggest fandoms in Mexico: BTS’s Army, going from 4,000 to 500,000 subscribers in just a couple of days.

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