7 secrets of Dragon Ball for entrepreneurs

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Dragon Ball was a series that I really enjoyed as a child. I loved to see the adventures of Goku and company to gather the powerful Dragon Balls and then see how they defeated whatever evil enemy was planted in front of them.

I have always believed that this series by Akira Toriyama has great lessons in teamwork, nobility in fighting, and the importance of maintaining innocence. At 36 years old, I can even say that there are great lessons that an entrepreneur can apply in his daily life. Sites like Roglawfitness.com list some of these teachings. Here I share the ones I have discovered:

1. The important thing is adventure
In the series, Goku and his friends used to go on great journeys in order to summon the mighty Shen Long and make a wish from him. They had such great adventures that in the end, the wishes that this mythical being could fulfill were the least important.

Growing an entrepreneur can be just as fun. If you only look at the end result, you will not enjoy the lessons, people and skills that you must acquire on the way to success.

It is not that you do not see success as the end, but do not forget that the trip to that point is what will leave you the most lessons.

2. Teachers can transform you
What would have happened to Goku and Krillin if they hadn’t gone to train with Master Roshi? Surely they would never have achieved that great power.

Mentors are essential when developing your skills as an entrepreneur. They have already been through the same battles as you and have the necessary experience to help you overcome the obstacles that arise. Not only that, they offer you a different perspective on the world that can help you understand points of view that you may never have considered before.

Can you imagine if Piccolo hadn’t trained Gohan? One of the greatest fighters in the world would have remained a crying child.

3. A great team is made up of different people
The Z Warriors were the guardians of the Earth, the ones who always defended the planet from the threats of space. They were nothing alike, in fact, they were even of different races. But their skills were complemented when fighting. Perhaps Vegeta was the least suited to interacting with other people, but that was a skill that Goku had plenty of.

A successful person knows how to surround himself with an effective team with different skills that complement the weaknesses that he may have. It is not just about having good friends, but about recognizing the latent excellence in other people and enhancing it.

Not only that, today’s enemy can be tomorrow’s friend. Do not despise the contacts you can make on your way because you never know who could help you in the future.

4. The competition is not bad
A recurring theme in Dragon Ball is the appearance of increasingly strong villains that forced Goku and company to train harder and harder to defeat them.

In the business world it is the same. Not having competition is not a positive thing, it just means that your market niche is small. Lacking an opponent can cause you to become complacent and stop trying to be better.

Son Goku wouldn’t have become the Legendary Warrior if he hadn’t had to face so many enemies, and the same goes for your business. Let your competition be your motivation.

5. It is possible to change direction
In the series we have two examples of antiheroes who decided to change their bad habits and who ended up becoming allies of the hero: Vegeta and Piccolo.

It is possible to change direction when you have made a mistake. Maybe you made a mistake in social networks or you need to change the perception of your brand, you should not hesitate to rethink your strategy if you think it is necessary.

Just don’t forget that it is going to take a lot of work and good deeds to change the public’s perception of your brand.

6. Pride can motivate you
Speaking of Vegeta, the prince of the Sayayines was such a proud person that he could never bear the fact that Goku beat him. However, he used this defeat as motivation to get better every time – and even led him to start a family on Earth.

This is a great lesson. It is important to have pride and ambitions, but you should not let them blind you to what you have to do to achieve excellence.

Pride can be a weakness because it makes you believe that you don’t need anyone and limits you when asking for help. However, in controlled doses, knowing how much you are worth also gives you the confidence to function day-to-day.

7. Never lose your innocence
Goku is one of the most beloved characters in Japanese animation because he is an extremely innocent person, incapable of cheating, and who always admires the strength of his opponents.

These characteristics are essential to be happy . Being able to marvel at the simple things in life will help you be innovative. On the other hand, if you are open enough you can make many friends, allies and colleagues from whom you can learn incredible things.

Last but not least, never cheating and giving your best will make you recognized for your professional ethics and therefore, someone that other people will seek to collaborate with.

Did you watch Dragon Ball? What do you think are other lessons that this series leaves?

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