7 Small Business Newsletters that Inform, Inspire and Push You to the Limit Every Day

February 3, 2021 5 min read

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The average day in the life of a owner involves juggling any number of tasks, but it’s still important for them up to date on industry , market trends, and information. Reading quality content is one of the most effective and efficient ways for leaders to continue growing.

The old adage from Harry Truman holds true: “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” The most effective leaders of the day are prolific readers who read constantly to learn from others’ expertise, expand their knowledge base, and build new skill sets. An avid reader and advocate of the benefits of reading, has shared that, despite the multitude of resources available to him, “reading is still the main way that I both learn new things and test my understanding.” 

The good news is that the offers a treasure cove of information on just about every topic. The challenge for busy business owners and entrepreneurs is sifting through this information and zeroing in on what’s most relevant for their industry and team. 

Newsletters can be a great way to help with this as they do the heavy lifting of compiling worthwhile articles targeted to subscribers’ specific needs. Subscribing to good newsletters on the topics relevant to you and your business can be a great way to save time while ensuring that you’re informed and consistently developing relevant skills and knowledge bases. 

With that in mind, here are seven newsletters that small business owners will benefit from and enjoy reading.  

Morning Brew

The Morning Brew is a daily morning newsletter that covers a wide range of topics to keep readers updated on key news stories of the day. It was originally created for business students but now serves a subscriber list of over a million people. It’s a good newsletter to read with your morning coffee because it’s informative and entertaining. It provides the business, finance, and tech news that you need each day while giving you bits of information about a wide range of topics. With market updates, trending topics, and even a daily quiz and puzzle, it’s a light yet informative way to make sure that you start the day informed. 

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SBA Newsletter

The puts out a daily newsletter that covers a range of topics relevant to business owners. Besides being informative, the newsletter also gives readers additional resources to get more in-depth information about topics discussed by sharing links to webinars, chats, blog posts, and other resources. All business owners should at least skim this daily newsletter. 

The Feifer Five

The Feifer Five is a monthly newsletter curated by Jason Feifer, the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine. The newsletter gives readers five tips every month on . These tips are not only practical and applicable, but they also are encouraging and give leaders some often-needed support. It’s well worth your time to review these tips each month. 

HBR’s Management Tip of the Day 

This newsletter is exactly what it sounds like. Every day, the Harvard Business Review sends out one tip to help readers become better leaders and managers. The tips are short and come with applicable advice on how to start implementing them. This is a daily must-read for leaders, as it’s a quick and easy way to ensure that you’re constantly working to become a more effective manager. 

Idea of the Day

Idea of the Day is a daily newsletter by Barbara Weltman that is focused on one, easy-to-digest topic. The topics vary but are all relevant to small business owners. The daily ideas cover everything from upcoming events to market trends to tax changes. Subscribing to this newsletter helps leaders to expand their knowledge base and to learn about topics that they might not otherwise explore. 

Joe Favorito’s Sports Marketing and PR roundup

The Marketing and PR Roundup is a newsletter put together by Joe Favorito, a well-respected communications veteran from the sports industry. The content gives readers summaries of what matters. It’s written to save you time and keep you informed on anything relevant that might come across your desk. The newsletter is sent out every weekend and compiles the best of the week prior as well as what’s to come, while offering additional reading and networking recommendations. Yes, this one focuses on the sports industry, but the emphasis is on macro-level concepts useful to any business leader. 

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5-Bullet Friday

This is a weekly newsletter sent out Friday afternoons with five interesting topics, articles, or ideas from the week. Curated by Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek, this is a good way to round out the week. Plus, there’s always a long-form article that can make for great weekend reading. It’s focused on business and entrepreneurship, but it covers a wide range of topics. In addition to the curated content, there are interesting quotes and recommendations for other things to read, watch, and listen to. 

These seven newsletters provide helpful, entertaining, and targeted information for business owners. Subscribing to these is a good start to ensuring that you’re staying informed and growing as a leader and business owner. Plus, they’ll likely lead you to additional resources that can give you even more targeted content for your business. 

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