A Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur Seeks to Revolutionize Cancer Treatment and Save His Brother’s Life

Can this entrepreneur convince his potential investors that his business really can change the world?

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7, 2021

2 min read

Unicorn Hunters, the show that offers viewers the opportunity to invest directly into high-growth potential companies, brought Starton Therapeutics in its third installment.

Starton CEO Pedro Lichtinger describes the company as “developing an approach to provide people with cancer longer, high-quality lives; eliminating or minimizing the horrible side effects they experience every day by unlocking the full potential of approved drugs.”

In the episode, Lichtinger speaks about one specific treatment the company develops to control a form of blood cancer, adding that this isn’t the only innovation in the pipeline. A diversified product portfolio lowers risks in case regulators don’t approve one, or could also deliver a powerful boost to valuation if all succeed.

Cancer has hit Lichtinger close, with his brother grappling with a complicated form of the disease. The entrepreneur is in a race, not only towards an IPO, but against time. His commitment is visible throughout the episode as well as his determination to convince every potential investor to capitalize a company that expects to change the world and, also, his own family.

The panel of expert investors that Lichtinger faces in the Circle of Money (from Steve Wozniak to former U.S. Treasurer Rosa Rios) may choose to invest at this stage or dig deeper into the product, the company or the executive team before capitalizing the company. At the site unicornhunters.com, among other sources, additional information is available to every potential investor.

The Unicorn Hunters show provides investors with transparent access to select pre-IPO investment opportunities, like Starton Therapeutics, spotlighting companies seeking to reach the coveted $1 billion valuation.

To find out what happens next, you can watch Lichtinger’s pitch and the outcome here.

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