An entrepreneur knew he was going to bald young, so he started a business to take advantage of it

Giovanni Bojanini decided to change his imminent future and take advantage of an industry that until then was not so relevant and specialized.

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Coming from a family with baldness , Giovanni Bojanini decided to change his imminent future and undertake a business that until then was not so relevant and specialized: the treatment of alopecia . The entrepreneur knew that his destiny was marked by genetic inheritance: he did not see his father with hair; his brother at 23 was already showing signs of alopecia, and he was already beginning to lose hair significantly.

Back then, around 1994, there were no medical advances that there are today. What’s more, Bojanini assures that there were not even alternatives to address a problem that today affects 50% of men who are 40 years old or younger, and 3 out of 10 women in their 50s. Graduated in dermatology 27 years ago, he began his work in the field and decided to take the first step and open a laboratory and clinic in the name of his family .

Bojanini recalls that an important motivator for him was living closely the case of a girl of only 17 years old who came to him with a significant problem of alopecia. Although there was not much to do, because the hair loss was advanced, we worked and investigated. Along this path, he found the work of a dermatologist who began combining medications to treat the problem and there began his own adventure.

After years and years of work, he found multiple formulas that he tested on himself with positive results. He combined drugs with which he created various mechanisms of action, which he later began to apply to the patients who came to his office in Colombia, which were increasing with the rumor that ran about the famous Colombian who was working miracles with baldness.

Thus began to arrive people from Ecuador, Mexico and other Latin American countries, who were looking for a solution to their alopecia, which they could not find in their countries. The demand for his services in those countries motivated him to cross borders and establish new clinics. The first was in Quito and from there no one stopped him. Mexico is one of the most important countries for the successful company.

The growth has been organic, own and of the hand of franchises (although the company conserves a percentage); It is intended that in each country where there is a presence, there is a partner who supervises the operation, since the existence of a laboratory is required for the continuous investigation and elaboration of the formulas. The expansion goes on and on, because alopecia is a growing problem.

“You have to understand that alopecia is not a disease, but something genetic. Alopecia requires comprehensive treatments, with medications and an analysis of what happens on the scalp of each person, “says Bojanini, who has the largest research laboratory on the subject in Latin America and who knew how to see the opportunity in a little market. attended but whose potential is enormous.

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