Best lululemon Bras

We’ve tested every lululemon bra (for workouts and everyday wear!), and rounded up all our favorites! Read on for our go-to lululemon bras in the high, medium, and light support categories that are available in A-E cup sizes.

best lululemon sports bras for all cup sizes

We’re so excited to be reviewing all of lululemon’s sports bras today because it’s been highly asked for by you guys! Between the three of us, we have a variety of different bust sizes, which makes for a great review.

Each of us chose our favorite high, medium, and light support bras. Below are our sizing profiles so that you can get a better gist for real-life body sizing.

our bra sizes

  • Lee: 5’7″ – 34DD
  • Linley: 5’3″ – 32C
  • Emily: 5’9″ – 34B

High Support Bras

Say hello to the best high support sports bras in the biz. These lululemon bras have supportive fabric for high-impact activities (hi, box jumps and hill sprints!) that are made to distribute your boobs evenly (instead of squishing them together!) for super comfy support. We love that these are available up to an E cup. Here are our faves:

Run Times Bra

The Run Times Bra is one of my new favorite bras to wear all day every day! I love that it has a scoop front AND back. It also has regular bra straps (not cross sports bra straps) so it’s great to wear with normal clothes!

It keeps the girls nice and tight! It offers support for workouts, but is my go-to everyday bra! (Linley, size 32C)

run times lululemon sports bra that's great for running

Enlite Bra Front Zip

This front zip bra is perfect for nursing mamas! It provides enough support for even high-impact workouts (and the zipper won’t unzip!), but is comfortable enough to wear all.the.time. (Emily, size 34B)

enlite front zip lululemon sports bra that is great for nursing moms

Stronger Than One Bra

This bra is my new favorite! I LOVE the support along with the full coverage this bra provides, especially if you’re fuller-busted like me. It’s a bit of a higher neck bra, but perfect for HIIT and other high-impact workouts!

This bra is currently out of season, but word on the street is that they might be bringing it back! (Lee, size 34DD)

stronger than one lululemon sports bra that's great for larger chests

Medium Support Bras

Our favorite lululemon medium support sports bras will make sure you’re supported and secure during workouts with the best sweat-wicking stretchy fabric. We’ve tested these running, yoga-ing, during HIIT workouts (and everything in-between). Our go-tos:

Energy Bra

The Energy Bra has been a fave of mine for YEARS (Lee’s, too!), and it’s the first bra I grab for everything from long runs to yoga to HIIT workouts.

It has great coverage for all bust sizes, which makes this our #1 recommended bra for all shapes and sizes. (Emily, size 8)

energy sports bra that's great for training

Energy Bra High Neck Long Line

The Energy Bra High Neck Long Line is my all-time favorite bra! I love high neck bras because I feel like they offer me the support I need for high impact workouts.

I also love that this specific energy bra has a high neck AND a long line which means the bottom goes a bit longer on your waist! Love Love Love. (Linley, size 4)

energy bra high neck sports bra from lululemon

Energy Bra Long Line

I’ve always been a long-time Energy Bra lover, but when the Long Line variation came out I fell in love. It offers even more coverage for those that need it and it’s super comfortable.

I wear this bra during all different kinds of workouts and on most days when I’m wearing normal clothes. (Lee, size 8)

energy bra long line sports bra from lululemon

Fine Form Bra

Another GREAT bra to wear all day and then jump into a quick workout. The fabric on the Fine Form Bra is soft and smooth so you can wear it with any top, for any reason!

The strap options for this bra are also great. You can wear them like a regular bra or you can cross the straps in the back. Unlike other bras, there is NO pinching when you cross the straps in the back. It is so comfortable! (Linley, size 32C; Lee, size 34DD)

fine form sports bra from lululemon

Light Support Bras

If you’re looking for light support sports bras for lower impact workouts and everyday wear, these lululemon bras will do just that! Minimal structure and minimal chafing allow you to move without restriction. Here’s what you’ll find us wearing:

Free to Be Wild Bra

I love love love this bra for everyday wear with casual outfits as well as lower impact workouts like yoga or hiking. The strappy back is so fun, and doubles nicely as a swimsuit top in the summer. (Emily, size 8)

free to be wild sports bra from lululemon that's great for yoga

In Alignment Bra

Oook lululemon, now you’re really done it with this In Alignment Bra! This straight strap bra is perfect for A and B cups. With a light lining and the softest fabric, this is my new go-to for an everyday bra and any occasion. (Emily, size 8)

in alignment bra from lululemon that's great for everyday wear

Free to Be Elevated DD/E

Any kind of bra that is specific to DD/E is my kind of bra! The Free to Be Elevated DD/E bra is full coverage for my ladies, yet it’s super cute and comfortable.

I’m normally a size 8 in lululemon bras and this one is no exception! I’ve done everything from HIIT to yoga in this bra and loved every second of it. (Lee, size 8)

free to be elevated sports bra that's great for low-impact workouts

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by lululemon. We were compensated and all opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting Fit Foodie Finds!

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