Bill Gates’ money manager allegedly made sexual and racist comments about his female partners

A report found new details about a 2017 accusation against Michael Larson for sexual harassment.

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27, 2021

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Bill and Melinda Gates’ money manager cultivated a culture of fear, racism and sexual harassment with his employees, according to a report in The New York Times .

According to the investigation, former employees of the firm Cascade Investment – the company that manages the investments and assets of Bill and Mendila Gates , told the newspaper that Michael Larson rated the physical attractiveness of his companions in front of male colleagues and encouraged racial intolerance.

As reported by The Guardian , Larson showed photos of naked women to his staff and made sexist comments to his staff.

In an extensive investigation, The New York Times interviewed former Cascade employees who accused Larson of “making sexually inappropriate and specifically racist comments against a black employee.”

The report adds that a source accused Larson of being a bully . “He intimidated others. When an employee said she was leaving Cascade, Mr. Larson retaliated by trying to hurt the stock price of the company he planned to join.”

A spokesperson for Cascade told the NYT that “during his tenure, Mr. Larson has directed more than 380 people, and there have been fewer than five complaints related to him in total … Any complaints were investigated and treated seriously and scrutinized. complete, and none merited Mr. Larson’s dismissal. “

This report comes as various investigations arise around Bill Gates after the announcement of his divorce from his still wife Melinda.

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