Business strategies to turn the pandemic around in 2021

The year 2020 was characterized as a learning cycle. Six entrepreneurs share their experience and the keys so that you can continue to maintain your business operations during 2020.

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January 15, 2021 4 min read

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In order to publicize the lessons learned from six Mexican businesses during the pandemic, Clip organized the panel “From Stores to Stores”. This meeting was attended by Pixza , Oasis , Rosedal Ópticas , Duty Muebles , Queenmatic Lavanderías and Beauty & Relax Center , businesses belonging to different industries. This virtual chat was moderated by Fernanda de la Mora , influencer and entrepreneur of Arte y Luna , a business dedicated to personal care.

During the conversation, the entrepreneurs shared advice related to the experiences they had during a challenging year such as 2020 and their plans for 2021. Below, we list some of their recommendations that can help you develop new strategies in your business:

  1. Make alliances. One of the main challenges in 2020 was operational continuity. To address this problem in 2021, Queenmatic Laundries points out the importance of making plans together with suppliers, tenants and distributors of supplies. By keeping in mind that this is a value chain, business priorities can be redefined in order to have the best results for each of the organizations involved.
  2. Integrate technological tools to increase sales. The health contingency has pushed businesses to seek new strategies to grow their sales. If your business is not essential or your product catalog represents a high cost, Rosedal Ópticas recommends offering promotions or months without interest. Thanks to these attractive payment facilities, you will help the pocket of your customers and generate loyalty to your brand. Find out here how these new payment options work.
  3. Get ahead of problems and stand out from the competition. During the confinement stage, new measures were adopted to serve customers, which is why there was an expansion in new sales channels such as the internet or by telephone. To stand out from the competition, Oasis, Frescura y Calidad implemented Clip Remote Payments , a tool that helped the remote operation of the business and made it easier to make contactless payments.
  4. Stay close to your customers. Staying in communication with your customers is vital, as it helps to maintain loyalty to your brand. Beauty & Relax Center suggests redesigning your strategy to offer advice, tips and promotions through your website or social networks. These types of tactics will help your customers keep looking for you and connect emotionally with those you consider potential.
  5. Build trust through social media. Why not resume activity on your social networks to convey confidence to your buyers? The presence on this type of platform is a priority, so you should use it as a new sales channel or even to ask for recommendations. If your goals for 2021 are to continue generating visibility for your products, Duty Muebles advises looking for new platforms such as TikTok , as this will give your brand a freshness and will take you out of conventional communication.
  6. Empowerment is everything. Seeks to form a sense of cohesion, belonging and closeness among your collaborators. Pixza recommends having wellness programs with the aim of developing social-emotional skills through activities such as guided meditations, kinesthetic and aerobic exercises. Empowering your collaborators is important to achieve individual development, as well as maintaining harmonious cooperation in your work teams.

Photo: Panel Clip

2020 was characterized as a year full of learning. However, these businesses understood the needs of their customers, implementing and offering different options that helped them stay current. Likewise, they found in Clip an ally to continue with the operation of their business.

To see the full panel and learn more about recommendations, click here .

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