Develop These Habits and You Will Be Less Stressed at Work

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It’s Monday first thing. You did not rest well during the weekend because you were worried precisely about the tasks that little by little were accumulating on your desk and should be ready by the end of the afternoon and, on top of that, you have a two-hour meeting at 10 am.

Does it sound familiar? Stress can appear when a person is involved in such a situation in their workplace.

Stress in itself is not bad, although everyone paints it as the greatest enemy of health . Certainly, stress affects the quality of life of people both mentally and physically, because, according to the World Health Organization , it can lead to diseases such as a cardiovascular condition. However, stress is nothing more than an adaptive reaction that your body and mind have and that allows you to cope with changes a little more. It becomes a negative when it lasts over time and you can’t seem to control it.

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO) in a recent study on labor pressure in Latin America, “work-related stress is determined by work organization, work design and labor relations, and occurs when Work demands do not correspond to or exceed the capacities, resources or needs of the worker or when the knowledge and skills of a worker or a group to face these demands do not coincide with the expectations of the organizational culture of a company ”.

The truth is that this directly affects your work productivity and also affects your personal life .

There are some simple methods that can help you cope with stress and even de-stress completely while you are working. Instead of considering them a waste of time, see them as a good investment in your health and even in the same deliveries that you have at your workplace, because for everything to go well, you must first be well!

Control your breathing

Image: Darius Bashar via Unsplash

Underestimated by many, mindful breathing for at least 10 minutes a day is quite a powerful technique to de-stress at work.

The function of this is to be in control of your physical reactions, and stress is one of them.

To do this, try to be in a quiet place and as comfortable as possible. Then breathe in through your nose slowly for a mental count of four, hold it for about two seconds and then exhale for a slow count of eight.

You will see how your ideas are clarified and you will be able to control everything that happens around you.

Keep an order on your desk

Image: Georgie Cobbs via Unsplash

It may seem like the dumbest thing in the world, but if you have a messy desk, it will be useless to take a deep breath. Order helps relieve your stress.

It is recommended that you have your notebooks organized and the space as free as possible, placing your pencils in a pen. It is also advisable that your computer is in front of you, looking directly into your eyes and not to the side.

Place decorations that serve to brighten your eyes, such as motivational quotes, photos of your vacation at sea, photos of your smiling family or plants. Cacti are great for entertaining you for a while!

The clearer your desk is, the clearer your mind will be. Don’t neglect your workspace!


Image: Avrielle Suleiman via Unsplash

It is something that perhaps because of your type of work you will not be able to do daily, but about ten minutes of this activity daily reduces the possibility of weakening the immune system, which is related to health conditions, including the consequences of stress.

This is an activity that you could propose to the company you belong to to include it outside of working hours, with the hiring of an instructor. If not, look for tutorials on YouTube or Webinars about it and try to do them yourself at least three times a week and / or on weekends.

Watch what you eat

Image: Avrielle Suleiman via Unsplash

There are foods like almonds and spinach that relieve stress, but you need to reduce your sugar intake and reduce your caffeine intake.

It is also recommended that you avoid eating in front of your computer because your body will not feel any rest (you can check social networks after eating).

If you sit in the dining room, go out and relax for a few minutes, you will return to work like new.

Listen to your favorite music

Image: Alex Blăjan via Unsplash

Not everyone handles stress or their daily life in the same way. However, listening to your favorite music for a few minutes a day (in case you don’t lose focus while working out if you listen to it) can be quite a powerful relaxant.

Music has been shown to influence hormone levels, blood pressure, and even your breathing rate.

Relax your muscles

Image: Abigail Keenan via Unsplash

It is recommended that outside of work you do low-mode exercises for 30 to 60 minutes a day such as running, cycling or swimming. If your company offers the service of a gym, do not hesitate and sign up.

According to the Spanish Heart Foundation, exercise accompanied by a natural landscape such as a park or garden enhances the results and, obviously, helps reduce daily stress.

However, while you are at your desk working and have time to do your relaxation exercises or drink water, take advantage and stretch your muscles a little.

Don’t sit for more than 50 minutes and stretch your neck, arms, and legs.

Try to touch your feet with the tips of your fingers so that you can stretch your back as well. A sedentary lifestyle only helps to increase your stress and that is something you do not want.

It is also recommended that you keep your back straight while sitting in front of the computer, as this will avoid future pain and also boost your energy.

Stop bad thoughts

Image: Quin Stevenson via Unsplash

It’s difficult but not impossible. Learn to detect when you are having a negative thought. Then do the breathing exercises and change it for at least four positive thoughts.

If something bothered you at work, write it down on paper and unleash all the anger you have in writing, then tear up this sheet of paper, breathe and listen to your favorite music.

In conclusion, focus on the here and now without letting annoyances and feelings of anger control your day-to-day life and your productivity in your workplace and your happiness in your personal life.

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