Do you have post-vacation syndrome? Follow these tips to get back into the routine

Christmas is a special time when we break the monotony. So do not worry if it takes time to change the vacation chip.

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Christmas is a special time when we break the monotony, relax, spend time with our loved ones, and pamper ourselves a little. But, if we didn’t have a routine to return to, we wouldn’t enjoy the difference. So do not worry if it takes time to change the vacation chip .

Traveling during vacations causes such a great emotional stimulus, that it even plays a more important role in our state of happiness than other events in our lives, according to a study carried out, with users from all over the world, by , a company that connects travelers with accommodations.

According to 70% of those surveyed, the positive reward generated by knowing new places is more lasting and valuable than the one provided by material things. Furthermore, 77% decide to plan a trip to cheer up a bit when they need a change of scenery.

Thus, both travelers who left this holiday season, and those who did not, have a post-Christmas feeling that can impact your first weeks back at work on different levels. But to combat it, offers some tips to start 2018 on the right foot.

Don’t procrastinate

For those who spent Christmas away from home, the first tip to adapt more comfortably on their return is to unpack their suitcases as soon as possible after arriving home; in this way, they avoid getting stuck in the memory of their free time and it helps them start a new stage in 2018. Clean and clean!

Don’t get to work suddenly

A good idea is to write a variety of to-do lists for your first few days, which will help you catch up efficiently and at your own pace.

The sun is not only on the beach

One of the reasons that vacations stimulate all of our senses is because most destinations are to be enjoyed outdoors. Even if you don’t live near the beach, don’t forget to go for a walk at least once a day to get Vitamin D. This can really improve your mood.

Make plans

Being eager for future plans generates illusion. It doesn’t have to be very fancy; From meeting friends for a meal to a mini weekend getaway, making plans will help you see things from another perspective.

Don’t lose contact

December leaves us pampered and used to being surrounded by family and friends. And, in order not to feel discouraged, it is important to stay in touch with those who keep us good company.

Good habits don’t rest anymore

After you have taken a break from exercise and diet, it is essential to get back to those good habits quickly: sleep and eat well, or start an exercise or meditation routine.

Remember your experiences

Keep in mind the memories of everything you lived and celebrated during the holidays through anecdotes or photos on social networks.

Take a new challenge

We cannot give New Year’s tips without mentioning the famous resolutions. This is the time to learn new things or improve some hidden talent that turns your daily routine into something more exciting and entertaining.

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