Do you want to invest in a virtual mobile telephone operator? You can enter Diri with 5,000 pesos

The brand announced the start of its first investment round through Play Business.

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18, 2021

3 min read

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Diri , a virtual mobile operator (MVNO) for telephony, announced the start of an investment round with Play Business , the franchise crowdfunding fintech. The brand seeks to collect a minimum of 10 million pesos (mp) and interested persons will be able to invest from 5,000 pesos and do so from June 22, 2021.

“This round is different from what has been done before: investors will be part of a special purpose vehicle (SPV) that will receive a percentage of Diri’s total sales, including those of the brands it already has, such as PilloFon and Space Móvil. , as well as the future launches of the company, in addition to any sale that the company may have ”, detailed Fernanda de Velasco, director of financial structuring Play Business .

By investing in Diri, investors will receive estimated annual gross returns of between 19.97% and 29.9%. For this investment round, a minimum annual gross return of 18% was established -which can increase 2% for the next period if during 8 consecutive months it is possible to pay this established minimum gross return- and a maximum annual gross return of 35 percent. .

In addition, for the first time in the history of Play Business, an exit clause was included, in which, in the event that the expectations of the round are not met, Diri is obliged to buy back the entire investment vehicle with an IRR 10%, thus mitigating the investment risk.

Diri Telecomunicaciones is one of the MVNOs with the highest growth in Mexico in the last year, thanks to the launch of its Diri, PilloFon and Space Móvil brands. The firm offers mobile telephony, home internet and MiFi services to around 100,000 users throughout the country; It has one of the most modern and fast networks, with a higher value offer than that of traditional operators.

The OMV would be using the proceeds from the round for the launch of a new brand (40%), the strengthening of the inventory of “Capokit” PilloFon equipment (40%), for improvements in the distribution channel (10%) and growth of the working capital (10%). It is projected that by 2025 more than 20 million mobile lines will be operated by MVNOs such as Diri, which has one of the healthiest user bases, with a user retention rate and portability index among the highest in the sector.

If you want to enter this investment round, enter this link:

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