Do you want to work at Google? The tech giant is looking for talent in Mexico for its new hub in CDMX

Google is recruiting engineers in cybernetics, systems, application development, data management, telematics and telecommunications for the new Google Cloud technical support center that will open in Mexico City.

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11, 2021

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This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

If one of your dreams is to work at Google , this interests you. The technology giant announced that it will create a Google Cloud technical support center in Mexico City (CDMX) for clients globally. For this reason, they began the search for Mexican talent to join the ‘hub’ . Engineers in systems, cybernetics, application development, telecommunications and specialists in big data, among others, can already apply in Google Careers .

Eduardo Lopez, president of G oogle Cloud for Latin America, said the opening of the ‘hub’ in Mexico is part of the second stage of investment that Google plans globally, but did not disclose the amount of it. The new complex will be focused on supporting local and global companies during their digital transformation process. These are found in sectors as diverse as banking, consumerism, education, health, and government agencies.

Google is looking for Mexican talent

The manager pointed out that the Google Cloud support center in CDMX is also a way to boost job creation in the country.

“It is a bet on the talent of Mexico and it is not only the growth of Latin America, but the global growth of Google Cloud,” said López.

For his part, Julio Velázquez , CEO of Google Cloud in Mexico , said at a press conference that Mexico is a hotbed of talent and that it currently ranks sixth among professionals seeking opportunities abroad, but this center is an opportunity to do career in the country in a large company.

López indicated that they have already started the search for Mexican talent who will work in the ‘hub’, although he did not specify the number of hires. However, he said that this is a large number compared to the current workforce and that it will be a process of continuous employability.

Although a good part of the vacancies are directed to technical areas , they also need to fill positions at the administrative level , for example, the important position of manager . One of the important requirements to apply is to have knowledge in English, since the job is on an international scale, said Velázquez.

So you can apply to work in the new Google ‘hub’

In addition to implementing the application through Google Careers , the company makes agreements with more than 50 Mexican universities to attract talent. As soon as the workforce is covered, the ‘hub’ will begin to operate virtually.

Lorenza Lanz de Obeso , Google Cloud’s marketing manager in Mexico , added that the company also seeks to reduce the female labor gap in technology areas. With this goal in mind, they will train women engineers in telematics and telecommunications on cloud issues through the Grow with Google Women STEM program .

Google’s expansion in Latin America is not limited to Mexico, as they will also open a Delivery Center in Argentina , dedicated to the delivery of products. This complex will also be employing professionals in the aforementioned areas, López explained.

Are you ready to join the ranks of Google? You just need to enter Google Careers , find the vacancy that fits your knowledge and experience, and apply. Lucky!

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