Entrepreneur Franchise of the Day: Burn Boot Camp

Origin Story and Growth

One of the most innovative and forward-thinking boutique fitness gyms, Burn Boot Camp originated when husband and wife team Devan and Morgan Kline started their mission to improve women’s emotional and physical health. They started in the parking lot of a gymnastics facility, coaching women through intense 45-minute workouts, and evolved into a Top 100 Fastest-Growing Franchise on Entrepreneur’s list. Now this parking lot exercise class has scaled up to become one of the top performing franchises in the boutique fitness industry and has enjoyed three consecutive years of ranking growth.

Our franchise system is also a leading opportunity for female entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in their own communities, regardless of their background or education in business. Burn Boot Camp makes franchising accessible to all motivated franchisees through a cutting-edge educational program and ongoing support system that ensures success, eliminates obstacles, and fosters community.

inside of Burn Boot Camp

What Makes Us Different

Anyone can start a gym. Few can initiate a life-changing community. Burn Boot Camp stands out with a peer and trainer support system that increases the odds of success and long-term buy-in for members looking to change their bodies and minds. In addition to a heightened sense of community, developed intentionally and through personal relationships, members thrive on one-on-one coaching opportunities through “focus meetings.” This opportunity helps members personalize their diet and fitness plans to their specific bodies, schedules, and preferences, increasing the odds of long-term success. Unlike other gyms, no two workouts are exactly the same, keeping members coming back for a novel experience each time.

Logistics around the gym also keep members coming back. People of all ages are surprised to find out they can do more than they thought on our innovative floating floor, which eases the impact on joints and achy past injuries. Many of their nutritional and retail needs are met within the same building, from fresh and trendy apparel to premium nutrition supplements. Finally, Burn Boot Camp removes the obstacle for parents of not being able to exercise due to childcare, by offering complimentary Childwatch services with every membership. These options, along with the staff’s dedication to each member, is the reason Burn Boot Camp has enjoyed such success in the boutique fitness industry.

Franchising Support

Entrepreneurs have the drive to succeed, so what stops them from actually doing so? A lack of training and support. That’s not the case at Burn Boot Camp. In fact, Burn refers to their franchisees as Franchise Partners, and gym owners receive extensive training from the start of their process through the immersive “Burn University” experience. At Burn University, Franchise Partners learn from experts about each piece of their new business. And the training doesn’t just stop there; Franchise Partners are guided through the site selection and construction process, work with grand opening support specialists, and are assigned a dedicated Franchise Business Coach for ongoing operations support.

By investing in the training and development of each Franchise Partner, Burn Boot Camp has experienced exponential growth through gyms that open and flourish. Burn’s in-house technology support team ensures that Franchise Partners don’t have to worry about tech setup and ongoing maintenance and the brand’s team of marketing experts help guide advertising and promotional efforts. Peer support is a key benefit for Burn Boot Camp Franchise Partners, and they engage in active forums and cross-gym communications, developing relationships, best practices, and friendships with other gym owners.

Finally, entrepreneurs enjoy low upfront financial investments relative to other opportunities, making the opportunity available to a wide range of investors that strive to impact their community.

Changing Our Communities

Through our nearly 300 locations across 38 states in the past 6 years, Burn Boot Camp has been a life-changing franchise for over 70,000 men and women looking to make a life change. Making real impacts in local communities has never been easier, as Franchise Partners both see a need for physical and emotional health improvement and have the means and support to make it happen. It’s no surprise that the majority of Burn Franchise Partners started their journey as members in our gyms.

Burn Boot Camp family partners

Culture of Celebration

Burn Boot Camp is constantly celebrating the successes of its community, whether it be Franchise Partners, trainers, staff, or members. This culture of lifting up others has helped create a community unmatched by any other gym franchise. Burn Headquarters hosts VIP days which profile specific Franchise Partners and their staff across the U.S., allowing groups starting their Burn journey a chance to connect with one another and understand what Burn Boot Camp ownership is all about.

At the brand’s annual Summit, Burn Nation comes together to celebrate the brand’s work, the success of their peers, and learn through tailored workshops. The Summit always concludes with our signature awards ceremony that focuses on the accomplishments of our organization. Through monthly system recognition, Founder and CEO Devan Kline shares the organization’s biggest accomplishments and the gyms who are making it happen!


  • Recognized for the 4th time by Entrepreneur as a top 100 Fastest-Growing Franchises in 2021 and #3 Top New Franchise in 2020
  • Over 260 locations and over 400 territories opened in 38 states
  • Over $560,000 average gross annual revenue
  • 70,000 worldwide clients, including some attending virtually to accommodate pandemic concerns
  • #1 Fastest Growing Franchise by Franchise Gator
  • #4 on Franchise Times’ Fast & Serious Ranking

Let’s Get Started

With a guided support system through the franchising process, Burn Boot Camp Franchise Partners can accomplish their own dreams of owning a business that matters without the financial stress that comes with other investments. Start your Burn journey today.

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