Entrepreneur Franchise of the Day: Footprints Floors

How can you generate a net PROFIT of $217,394* with a flooring franchise — without installing a single piece of flooring yourself?

Footprints Floors is a home-based, inventory-free flooring franchise.

Our support model allows owners to really focus on growing their business and selling customers on the service, instead of dealing with back-breaking labor (done by subcontractors), or dealing with tedious scheduling tasks (handled by the dedicated call center).

*Refer to 2021 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19- Average Net Profit of combined Table 1 and Table 3

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Why Choose Us?

Why there’s never been a better time to own a flooring franchise

The home improvement industry, which Footprints Floors operates in, was hot before 2020, and continues to boom in 2021!

Demand for new home construction is far exceeding the supply (especially with a huge increase in building materials), so many people are buying older homes in need of renovation!

Prior to 2020, the home improvement industry in the U.S. was already a $407 billion industry. This number is expected to jump to $510 billion by 2024!1

Throughout 2020, people put even more importance on protecting their home investment: 76% of people completed at least one home improvement project.1

As the nation’s homes age, renovations look to be even more important in the years to come. About 80% of the country’s homes are over 20 years old.2 40% are at least 50 years old.2

Even though there’s incredible opportunity industry-wide, business ownership in any industry comes with its challenges.

**1 – Statista 2 – CNBC

Ideal Candidate

But first: Do you have what it takes? Here’s who we’re looking for.

Our owners come from some very diverse professional backgrounds. But here are a few traits they all have in common:

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Training And Support

Be an Entrepreneur, Skip the Headaches

How have our owners been so successful — even those who’ve never owned a business before?

  • A dedicated call center!
  • We handle your marketing!
  • You don’t do the floor installations yourself!
  • Ongoing training and support

Get started now, don’t miss out!

With hundreds of potential franchise owners around the country looking into Footprints Floors right now, it’s important to get started in the process so you don’t miss out!

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You could be on your way to owning your own franchise in just a few months, but you’ve got to take the first step. We’ve sold out 125+ territories in just 3 years, and we’re completely sold out in 12 states and 43 cities — your city could be next!

  • Investment as low as $75K– makes owning a home improvement franchise extremely accessible.
  • Amazing average net profit of $217,394* per territory due to low overhead (no inventory, no office space, no full-time employees)
  • Average gross sales of $808,547!*
  • A dedicated call center helps track leads, schedule estimates, answer calls and handles day-to-day scheduling tasks! Work revolves around your schedule, not the other way around.
    • They’re business-savvy (but maybe not experienced with the home improvement industry)
    • They don’t love conventional desk jobs (but love working with people)
    • They’re devout about giving back to the community (and their families)
    • They love motivating people (and seeing a finished job well-done)
    • They want to grow, grow, grow (and earn the money that goes with it)
    • Helps create new leads and follow up with existing leads to get you more jobs
    • Answers all your incoming calls
    • Manages leads in a database for you
    • Schedules appointments
    • Website and SEO
    • Social media marketing strategies
    • Vehicle wraps
    • Direct mail campaigns and materials
    • You will be trained on everything you need to know to hire, pay, oversee and maintain crews
    • We pay subcontractor crews extremely well, which helps secure better talent
    • We can guarantee crews will be busy 12 months out of the year
    • Once the correct crews are in place, they become very loyal and are easy to manage
    • Thorough initial training in Colorado and hands-on training in your own market
    • Regular support calls
    • Webinars
    • Finance management support and more
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