Entrepreneur Franchise of the Day: Griswold Home Care

Why Choose Griswold?

Griswold Home Care launched an industry and continues to set the standard for care and compassion.

Griswold was one of the first franchise companies in the United States to offer in-home care to seniors and adults with disabilities, illnesses, or injuries, and we are the gold standard when it comes to delivering compassionate care. For our franchisees, franchise ownership is a potentially lucrative business opportunity that allows them to fulfill their calling—to dedicate their lives to serving people in their communities who need their help the most.

Griswold remains true to our guiding principles: provide the best possible home care to seniors and other adults with disabilities, illnesses, or injuries; provide comfort, joy, and peace of mind to our clients; and provide our franchisees with a business model that gives them the opportunity to realize their own dreams. That is the essence of our Griswoldness, and why we’ve been successful for so many years, and why we’ll continue to grow well into the future.

We focus on client care before profit.

Often, companies start up to take advantage of this huge industry and focus on making money, leaving customer care as a secondary goal. This is where we stand out from the rest. Our business model emphasizes compassion for our clients over profits for ourselves. Service should be affordable for customers, and caregivers should be well-compensated. The entire company was built around those important cultural values.

“Griswold is unique in the bustling and crowded home care franchising space,” says COO Mike Magid. “Unlike most brands that were started on a spreadsheet to take advantage of the sheer number of aging baby boomers, our founder, Jean Griswold, started with a heartfelt desire to help people. She is our lodestar and is a model we can point our franchisees to aspire to. This is a calling. Can it be lucrative? Yes. But it’s a calling first and foremost, and you need to remember that if you’re going to be successful.”successful.”

Our franchisees are eager to share what they love about their businesses.

We have some of the longest-tenured and most successful franchisees in the industry, and, most importantly, our franchisees think highly of our brand. We’re proud to say that we work hard to foster great relationships with our franchisees. We work alongside our franchise network to develop new initiatives, listen to their needs, and seek to provide all the tools they need to grow their businesses.

“I looked at 10 brands before I looked at Griswold, and the difference became apparent as soon as I got on the phone with Griswold. Other brands would tell me how great the margins were, but when I got on the phone with Griswold they told me how important the care was. It was an entirely different tone — they were the only ones who said anything about care. They remembered that the end product was care to seniors, and we appreciated that and decided to franchise with them because of their integrity.”

– Scott Savel, owner of a Griswold franchise in Scottsdale, Arizona

Our future is brighter than ever.

New franchisees are finding their calling by helping adults in their community age in place with dignity and providing peace of mind to their families. There has never been a better time to build a brighter future by taking care of those in your community who need you most.

If you’re a deeply empathetic person and you place compassion and a desire to help others above everything else, then Griswold is the right fit for you. We have developed a business model, the training, and the ongoing support that will help you become established, and we’re going to be with you the whole way. We’re most passionate about the success of our franchisees because we see the work they do and the good they bring to their communities. There is no other brand like Griswold in the senior home care space, and we’re here to ensure that the next 35 years are even better than the last.

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