Experiencing a Creative Block? Look to the Art on Your Walls for Fresh Inspiration.

Simply looking at art comes with a slew of mental health benefits.

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6, 2021

3 min read

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As the pandemic continues, and the seasons pass by, and we are still stuck working in the confines of our home, it’s understandable that your mind turns off, ideas stop flowing, and you find yourself stuck in rut. Now is the perfect time then to switch things up and bring newness into your life, and by life, we mean your walls.

Sure looking at your walls right now may do absolutely nothing for you … in fact, they may totally bore you. So why not take this opportunity to find a piece of art that inspires you, that excites you, and generally makes you happy? Make your space beautiful by purchasing pieces from Fine Art America.

We all have heard that creating art can lift our mood, allow our imaginations to run wild, and help us to tap into our resourcefulness and ingenuity. But, did you know just looking at art comes with its own range of benefits? A study at the University of London showed that viewing artwork can generate in the brain the same reactions as being in love (without the trials and tribulations of a relationship!). Time in an art museum can improve our critical thinking. Simply looking at art that appeals to us can relieve stress. It can provide an escape, however brief, from this crazy world around us.

Of course, as individuals, our tastes are as wide-ranging as our personalities. Finding the piece or pieces that inspire you may sound daunting, but once you start to peruse the multitude of works that Fine Art America has to offer, we’re convinced you will find the process outright enjoyable. From posters to paintings, framed prints and canvas prints, you’ll discover the works of hundreds of thousands of independent artists. You will be able to shop for wall art by room, theme, medium, product type, and/or color palette. And if you have a hard time deciding what is going to look best on your wall, and which wall will benefit most, don’t worry! Fine Art America has an app for that! Its augmented reality-powered mobile app lets you envision what that piece is going to look like, hanging in all its splendor, before you commit to buying it.

On the other side of the coin, if you’re an up-and-coming artist looking for a platform to display and sell your work, Fine Art America gives artists the opportunity to showcase their pieces, and do custom markups, unlike many other competitors.

Whether your home office is actually an office, or a corner of your dining room table, a nook in the kitchen, or a portion of your bedroom, brighten up the space and get yourself motivated, unleash your own creativity, and let the thoughts flow. You may not be able to get out to an art gallery right now, but you can still appreciate and welcome what art has to offer. Fine Art America will deliver your artwork directly to your door, wherever you may be in the world. Museum quality, yet highly affordable, this is a purchase that you will appreciate long after Covid-19 is over.

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