Facebook Messenger Update Makes It Easier to Handle Unwanted Messages

It makes it easier to block and mass-delete message requests from people you don’t know.

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February 9, 2021 2 min read

This story originally appeared on Engadget

Facebook is commemorating this year’s Safer Internet Day by reminding everyone about the privacy features baked into Messenger. In a blog post, the company adds that it’s beefing up the options around Message Requests, making it easier to mass-delete and block suspicious accounts. In addition, the company says that it’s working on “new ways to make it easier for people to report abuse and harassment,” providing “better feedback” on the status of messages you’ve reported.

Naturally, Facebook wants to direct people to some of the privacy features that it already implemented, especially those launched last summer. That includes App Lock, which is tied to your phone’s biometric security, which can add an extra layer of security onto your Messenger content. You also already have the ability to decide who can send you a message request at all, which can help cut down on drive-by creeps. 

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The company is also highlighting features like pop-up phishing notifications and automatic image blurring on unsolicited messages. It added that it’s working on features like identifying a user who sends out a large number of messages or friend requests to underage users. 

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