Former Quarterback Jim McMahon Calls Advanced Stem-Cell Treatment ‘Truly Miraculous’

18, 2021

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Stem cells work to treat herniated discs, bulging discs, lower lumbar pain and other spine and disc conditions because they promote healing by amplifying our body’s natural ability to reduce inflammation, heal more quickly and regenerate damaged tissues.

It’s remarkable how humans evolved on this planet to adapt our bodies in ways that not only allow us to survive, but also thrive in so many different environments.

But evolution required a few compromises along the way, which is why back pain is such a common disorder as we age. Perhaps that will change in a few million years, but as the CEO of BioXcellerator, a leading stem-cell clinic, I’m not patient enough to wait that long. That’s why our medical and scientific team is hard at work developing new treatments that can speed things up.

You see, as human beings evolved to walk on only two legs, not four, those front two legs became arms we can use to manipulate objects, reach for things and explore our environment. That’s one reason why our brains grew larger, allowing us to become intelligent creatures  a hallmark of our humanity.

But that came at a price  our backs, which can be vulnerable to many diseases, injuries and disorders. And for many people, that can be a real pain in the back  especially as we age.

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“A strong backbone”: actually a delicate and intricate structure

The phrase “a strong backbone” often conveys the nature of our personality, but the spine itself isn’t really a bone, but an intricate chain of smaller bones that extend from the neck all the way down to the lower lumbar region of the back.

That’s because the spine certainly needs to be strong enough to support our weight, yet flexible enough to move our arms and legs, turn our heads and protect the spinal cord. Between each of these smaller bones (called vertebrae), is a disc  a form of cartilage that contains a gel-like substance that prevents our vertebrae from rubbing directly against each other. In some ways, these discs serve as “shock absorbers” for our spine.

Unfortunately, these shock absorbers deteriorate over time. As we age, our discs can begin to sag, become herniated or bulge in ways that cause pain and discomfort.

Until recently, treatment options included surgery and medications. But surgery can be complex and risky with extended recovery times. And medications may not be effective or cause serious side effects.

Now there’s another treatment option: advanced stem-cell therapy. Because stem cells are based on the body’s natural healing processes, stem-cell therapy offers a treatment option that’s far less invasive than surgery and doesn’t cause the side effects common to many medications.

Taking advantage of the body’s own natural healing potential

As our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Karolynn Halpert explains, “The body already knows how to heal itself.”

She’s right, of course, because stem cells are indeed the body’s natural “repair team.” Whether you realize it or not, your body is constantly healing itself by taking stem cells from your bone marrow and then turning them into specific cells needed throughout the body.

For example, stem cells can become neurons in the brain, cardiac cells in the heart, and when it comes to the back, new cartilage cells to regenerate deteriorated discs.

As we age, however, stem-cell production declines. But after an infusion of millions of high-potency stem cells, that healing process speeds up again  and quickly. That’s why more patients than ever are taking advantage of stem-cell therapy, especially professional athletes who want to extend their careers and suffer less pain.

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“Truly miraculous” results supported by clinical evidence

At BioXcellerator, we’ve treated many professional athletes, including NFL Super Bowl champions Jim McMahon and Mark May. In fact, after stem-cell therapy, McMahon said the “results are truly miraculous” and that he now works out again without the pain he once suffered the day after vigorous exercise.

We’ve also treated WWE superstars like Kevin Nash and Ryback Reeves and UFC fighters including Chuck Liddell. These are only a few examples of athletes who’ve gotten relief from pain not just in their backs, necks and spines, but also from old injuries to joints, muscles and other structures throughout the body.

I’m certainly pleased that patients report less pain, with 80% noting less pain just one week after treatment and even more ongoing improvement over many months. But I’m even more pleased with clinical evidence that clearly shows how stem-cell therapy does have the potential to promote rapid healing.

The objective data we’ve collected based on studies such as MRI scans shows that new disc tissue is regenerated in at least 80% of patients. And let me be clear: That reflects more hydration in the discs, not just an increase in disc height.

Golden Cells: higher-potency stem cells for more effective treatment

If you’re evaluating stem-cell therapy, keep one thing in mind: Not all stem cells are alike  far from it. Both the quality and quantity of stem cells you receive can make a big difference in the effectiveness of treatment. 

At BioXcellerator, we’ve developed a proprietary protocol based on one specific type of — mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from donated umbilical cords. That’s because research shows these cells offer the best healing potential. These cells are then thoroughly tested for various biomarkers that indicate high potency. Only these cells are then purified and reproduced into formulations of millions of “Golden Cells” we use to treat patients.

Unfortunately, these treatments aren’t available at U.S. clinics, which can only offer a limited number of lower-potency cells based on FDA regulations. That’s one reason why Ryback Reeves said that his first stem-cell treatment in the U.S. wasn’t as effective as he had hoped. This is one reason why many patients now travel to our state-of-the-art clinic in Colombia for more advanced treatment with higher-potency stem cells.

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Go back in time  to a back free of pain

With more evidence than ever before that advanced stem-cell therapy based on new research can promote healing of deteriorating spine and disc tissue, consider stem cells as another treatment option that’s less invasive than surgery and doesn’t result in side effects common to many medications.

The sooner you do, the sooner you can look back and appreciate life with a lot less back pain. And you won’t have to wait millions of years!

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