How Businesses Are Using QR Codes To Boost Engagement

19, 2021

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Quick response (QR) codes are square images, and colorful patterns optically scanned using a smart device like a mobile phone. App developers can rely on this digital tool to increase the number of downloads. At the same time, marketers can leverage it to reach a target audience for higher sales.

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The QR code is a 2D barcode with stored information like URLs. Marketers can use it to promote brands and product categories with ease. They can attract prospects and achieve a higher conversion rate. Besides, they can design cost-efficient ad campaigns to boost organic business growth.

How are QR codes useful?

The quick response codes are easier to design using tools. Alternatively, you can partner with a QR solution provider for an advanced custom QR code. A simple QR code with contact details or a preferred URL takes less than a minute to get generated. You can also save it in different formats like PNG, SVG, EPS.

But do not market or share the code before testing it. Use multiple devices from Android and Apple for reassurance. Check if the code works or not to prevent errors in real-time usage. If you do not test, then the marketing campaign will fail to generate sufficient leads. Do these four steps:

  • Open the built-in camera app on the Android or Apple device.
  • Point the camera at the QR code and adjust for full capture.
  • Next, tap the banner that appears on the phone’s screen.
  • You will get redirected to the next screen for the sign-up process.

QR codes can be useful in different ways to achieve diverse objectives. You can easily promote an app among your niche audience. Also, marketers can use the code to send prospects to a website’s landing page or mobile app’s website. It can also be inter-linked to social media accounts or other URLs.

In-app shopping experience

The popular social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. In the past, these platforms were just for informal communication and relationship building. Later, marketers took it to advertise their brands and content promotion. The next step was maintaining customer relationships with social media.

Today, the experts are using these platforms to sell their products and services. Selling through social media platforms is just a one-click process for buyers. However, driving those audiences to the landing page is the hurdle here. And, let us see how QR codes can simplify this process.

Lanai Moliterno CEO and founder of Sozy says, “We try to make the shopping experience as easy as possible for our customers. A lot of sales come from social media since we are super engaged with our audience there and constantly hosting live events and giveaways. So we try to drive traffic to our social media pages just as much as our actual site.”

Retail businesses can boost their in-app sales using social media shops. For example, Nike opened a Facebook shop with product pictures and tags. It also provides all the details like product name, prices, and description. Users can discover new items and buy them without leaving the app. They have to scan the QR code on the tag, read the details, and add it to the cart for purchase.

Efficacy of QR codes on social media

Remember that a QR code is not the only way to sell on social media. There are several traditional options and contemporary advancements along the way. However, businesses believe QR codes to have higher ROI, especially in social selling. The QR code is efficient only if the customer scans it and becomes a lead.

Lauren Sommer, director of Moi Moi Fine Jewellery, Australia’s leading jeweller for Moissanite and Lab Grown Diamonds says that, “QR codes have been a great way for us to bridge the user journey from offline to online. We believe our customers value experiencing our brand physically, through handwritten letters to receiving physical ring sizers in the mail. We now include QR codes that allow customers to easily access up to date catalogues or information videos easily, with a simple scan on their phone.”

So, marketers have to come up with effective strategies and promote attractive products. They should focus on engaging the prospect with accurate details. And the codes have to get shared to influence purchase decisions. Here are some ways you can use social media to attract users to diverse products:

1. Run an ad campaign

Consumers use different types of devices to access social media. So, companies can initiate a campaign to target such users. Facebook and Twitter facilitate such marketing campaigns at very little cost. You can create exclusive QR codes for laptop or tablet users. You can also use trackable QR codes to appraise your campaigns and make strategic decisions.

2. Hold a game contest or Facebook quiz

Even if you market or share QR codes, scanning is not guaranteed. Every brand is sharing its QR code, and thus, the social media platforms have these codes from top to bottom. It is time to make your approach a little interesting.

Some brands offer small games that would generate the QR code only for those who win those games. The QR code thus generated can lead the customers to a landing page with a considerable discount. Also, you can try interesting tactics like holding a quiz. First, share the code on Linkedin or Twitter with prospective customers.

Hide the QR codes in images and organize a quiz to arouse their interest. Please encourage them to find the code and scan it for traffic diversion. Share the QR code with mobile phone users along with a call to action option. Such an alternative is necessary to make them notice the code for quick scanning.

3. Link to social media profiles

QR codes are the ideal tools that can get linked to social media profiles. They increase brand visibility and create a buzz around products. You can increase the number of likes and shares of a product.

When your page is blooming with traffic, you automatically increase your brand reputation, which leads to a sale. Even a couple of sales in a social circle will cause an avalanche of purchases due to social peer pressure.

Following the Snapcodes, Instagram is now offering Nametags, which the users can scan with their cameras. Businesses can use this name tag to connect with other social media profiles, increasing the number of followers.

4. Mobile ad links

The quick response code can be displayed on a variety of print and digital media. You can post them on the website, social media platforms, and mobile ads. The most common option is using QR codes on business cards. For example, Verizon Wireless displayed QR codes on iPad ads.

The user who scanned could download a specific app. Alternatively, he could visit a mobile site to browse and shop for top apps. Businesses can also implement this strategy to promote the sale of other branded products in a seamless fashion.

E-commerce platforms like Shopify have come up with their QR codes. So, marketers can explore their integration with social media platforms like Facebook without losing any target audience. They can use connect buttons and lead the customers to an in-app shopping experience like never before.

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