How to design your business cards?

Know what elements these pieces of paper should include so that those who receive them will remember you forever.

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A good business card must be consistent with the image of your company; somewhat difficult considering their small size. And is that, how can you get your message across a space of only two by three inches?

You should not expect to tell the story of your business on a simple card, but what you should seek is to present a professional image that people will remember. The color, text and texture of your business card greatly influence its attractiveness and ability to show the image of your company.

Therefore, it is best to use common sense when designing your business cards. If your business is about creating toys and games for children, you should use bright, primary colors, as well as a typeface that resembles a child’s handwriting. On the other hand, if you run a financial consulting firm, you want your card to reflect reliability and professionalism, so you may want to keep a more traditional image, such as black letters and gray or white backgrounds.

Clearly, designers recommend that entrepreneurs do not design their own business cards, however many business owners must. The best course of action: Take a close look at the business cards you receive and try to imitate the ones you like best.

Although you should be more creative if your business deserves it, in general you should follow these simple steps when designing your cards:

1. Use your logo as a base. Make it the largest item on the card.
2. Keep it simple. Don’t put a lot of information on the card.
3. Include the essentials: name, position, company, address, telephone and email.
4. Make sure the typeface is legible.
5. Try to use only two colors.

If the industry allows it, be creative / Imahen:

Once you have your business cards already printed with you, make the most of them with these tips:

1. Always give people more than one card so they can give it to someone else.
2. Include your card in all correspondence and newsletters you send out.
3. Always carry cards with you in an envelope or portfolio where they are kept clean and do not wrinkle.

Business cards shouldn’t be boring. If the industry allows it, get creative and apply these ideas:

1. Use 4-by-7-centimeter cards that can be folded (like a mini brochure).
2. Cards with unconventional shapes attract attention. Depending on your business, you can, for example, use them in the shape of a teddy bear if you sell toys or a cake if you are a birthday party organizer.
3. Textured paper can add interest to the card, as can colored paper. Try to use light shadows to ensure readability.
4. Thermography, a process that creates a bright and prominent print, adds to the appeal of your cards.

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