How to Make Giving Back Part of Your Brand’s DNA

Don’t go seeking charities just because they’re popular or trendy.

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25, 2021

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When starting a , one of the things entrepreneurs should consider is their ‘s and identity. What do your employees hold valuable, and what are your brand’s overall mission and vision. Our company’s mission is “to love you like family,” and one of the ways we embrace that is to make giving back to our communities a top priority.

Reasons that giving back is beneficial for your brand

Not only is giving back the right thing to do, but it can also boost confidence and give each of us a sense of fulfillment and purpose. It connects us and enriches the community. Businesses that nurture giving-back initiatives create opportunities to connect with local programs (food banks, homeless shelters, etc.) that can impact their communities by providing vital services and bridging socio-economic gaps.

Giving back creates a strong internal culture. Following through on your business’s mission motivates employees by offering a sense of belonging and lifelong fulfillment, knowing that they are engaging in issues that matter. And, yes, giving back also encourages customer loyality. Creating a product with a charitable initiative generates a sense of pride within purchasers as they know their dollar is going towards a good cause.

If someone is debating on which brand to buy and yours has a cause tied to it, that may be the deciding factor. Research from DoSomething Strategic reveals that “67% of Gen Z teens and young adults have, stopped purchasing (40%), or would consider doing so (27%) if the company stood for something or behaved in a way that didn’t align with their values.”

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How to choose a charity that aligns with your brand’s values

Being genuine with your charitable donation is vital to your brand. Don’t go seeking charities just because they’re popular or trendy. Finding charities that have a profound connection to your brand’s value system will ultimately help to build your credibility.

Do your research and discover what organizations align with the size of your brand. Be sure not to get lost in the shuffle as a tiny brand within a monster organization (i.e. small fish in a big pond). Plan out if you want to emphasize a local or familial tie or some other common ground with whatever nonprofit you home in on. Find a partner that’s excited to work with your business and truly collaborate on outreach.

And don’t forget think about who needs help at the moment. In 2020, for example, as the pandemic raged, our company pivoted its marketing resources to support fearless frontline healthcare workers by donating a plentiful amount of bars to hospitals across the nation to help them through tiring and endless hours.

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Seamless ways to integrate charitable donations

It’s important to find charity work that fits your brand model so it’s a win-win for both your brand values and the organization. Many big brands, such as Tom’s and , have become popularly associated with buy a pair, give a pair initiatives. 

Think of comparable ways that make sense for your business to give back. Be creative. and don’t limit your charitable programming. Being flexible and working hand-in-hand with a good cause can only help to build your brand’s success.

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