How to use the ‘Pixar-like’ filter on Snapchat?

The filter ‘Cartoon 3D Style’ turns you into an animated character using augmented reality, here we explain how to download it.

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16, 2021

2 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

On June 18, 2021, the next Pixar movie , “Luca”, will be released . To promote the film, Snapchat released a filter that turns you into an animation with the characteristics that Pixar characters have, Cartoon 3D Style . The long-forgotten social network reached # 10 at the time of writing in Apple’s free apps by adding this filter, which quickly became a trend on Instagram and TikTok .

Image: Entrepreneur in Spanish

The company carried out an investigation to find out how much augmented reality influences user consumption. 61% of consumers said that ease of sharing content with augmented reality was important to them. According to Snapchat , the new filter already has more than 1.7 billion views since it was published.

If you are a fan of movies like Frozen , Toy Story or Moana , don’t miss this opportunity to find out what you would look like if you were the star of a Pixar movie.

To use this filter you need:

  1. Download the Snapchat app
  2. Register or enter your account
  3. Select the magnifying glass that appears in the upper left corner
  4. Find “Cartoon 3D Style” and choose it
  5. It will automatically take you to the camera and apply the filter to you. Click on the circle to take a photo or press and hold to record a video.
  6. To save the photo, click on the downward-pointing arrow in the lower left corner.
  7. Share it on all your social networks!
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