How to withdraw money from Infonavit and what are the requirements?

Thanks to the reform of article 37 of the Infonavit Law, workers with a housing subaccount will be able to withdraw the accumulated amount.

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February 17, 2021 4 min read

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With the approval of the reform to article 37 of the Infonavit Law , those workers with benefits, and who are incorporated into the IMSS, who have a housing subaccount will be able to obtain multiple benefits. Among them is the possibility of having the money they have accumulated within a period of ten years (previously, unsolicited amounts were automatically absorbed by Infonavit ).

But what is the housing subaccount 92 and 97? According to Infonavit , this is a savings that has been built thanks to the contributions that employers made to Infonavit every two months. These deposits are regulated by the laws of both the IMSS and the Infonavit.

So, if they belong to this group, those interested should review the account statement of their Afore. In this way, they will be able to confirm if they have resources in their subaccounts (both 92 and 97) and, if they do, they can request the return of the two subaccounts, the best thing? In the same procedure.

The estimated time to return the balance is ten business days. To do this, you only need to know where your savings are and how much it is (you can check it through the My Infonavit Account section , then you only have to enter your Social Security number and date of birth. Then you will see the Infonavit Prequalification and the figure corresponding to the amount of the subaccount).

What are the requirements to request the money accumulated in the subaccount?


According to the Infonavit page, the request for your savings will depend on the account they are in. For example, if your housing subaccount received contributions from your employer as of July 1, 1997, then you can withdraw the returns that have been generated since that time. In this case, the requirements are as follows:

  • Have the pension opinion issued by the IMSS (the issuance date must be after July 1, 1997).
  • Not having a valid Infonavit credit.
  • In case of being in the process of clarifying homonymy, it is necessary that it be concluded before starting the procedure for withdrawal.
  • The procedure can be done through Infonavit or your Afore (see more details on the Infonavit portal).

What should you bring to your appointment before the Infonavit?


  • Appointment and application number.
  • Valid official identification (in original and copy).
  • Social Security Number (NSS), CURP and RFC .
  • Bank statement with CLABE (the original and a copy must be presented, in addition, it cannot be longer than two months).
  • Bank account number (so that the IMSS can make the deposit).
  • In case of having filed any labor claim or protection in favor, it is necessary to have the original document and a copy of the judgment award at hand. If the conflict has not yet been resolved, the withdrawal of the claim or protection must be filed in original and copy.

On the other hand, if the savings fund “is made up of employer contributions made between 1972 and 1992”, it does not have returns due to the legislation that remained in force at that time.

If you require more information or want to schedule an appointment, we recommend you visit the Infonavit portal.

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