How to work as a Mexican programmer in Silicon Valley?

February 23, 2021 6 min read

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More and more Mexican programmers are looking for a job opportunity in Silicon Valley , and in the United States in general. And the fact is that the most famous technological hub in the world offers ample possibilities to develop and grow professionally, in addition to salaries that range from 80 thousand dollars to more than one million dollars a year , depending on the professional’s experience.

This region of Northern California is considered as the mecca of innovation, in fact, it is here where the most important technology corporations are located, such as Google , Facebook , Amazon , Apple Inc. , just to name a few. In addition, it welcomes thousands of emerging companies ( startups ) in more than 700 different business categories ; from autonomous vehicles, robotics, drones, to ecommerce .

Currently, Mexico has become the new hotbed of talent for US technology startups , a reality that is not surprising since in our country there are highly trained, experienced and competent professionals to respond to the demands of a sector such as technology, in constant change and evolution.

Figures from 2020 show that the labor relationship between Mexican professionals and companies in the United States is booming. During that year, the number of US vacancies for technology positions aimed at people residing in Mexico grew 13% in relation to 2019, as was announced by the job search site specialized in the Technology of the sector. Information and Communications ( EmpleoTI ), according to what was published in El Economista .

Although these numbers reflect the growth in the offers that give the Mexican worker the opportunity to do remote work ( home office ), they also serve to show that US companies are interested in recruiting Mexican talent .

But, if what you are looking for is a face-to-face work experience in Silicon Valley, you should know that there are currently several alternatives to get it. One of them is to apply for a work visa for professionals (TN) , which allows you to legally access the US labor market.

The TN Visa , created after the signing of the North Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA ), is reserved exclusively for Mexican and Canadian professionals seeking temporary transfer to work in the United States.

In order to apply, yes or yes, you must have a job offer from a US company. Later, you will have to apply for the TN Visa at the United States Embassy in Mexico City or at any United States Consulate. As a Mexican citizen, the application you must make will be to manage the TN-2 Visa .

Next, I share the key points to take into account to complete the TN Visa process:

  • Have a professional ID and Mexican passport.
  • It is necessary to have a profession expressly listed in the NAFTA Appendix. Most of them require a university degree. I provide you with a list of professions recognized under NAFTA .
  • The first step is to obtain a contract or an offer of employment from an American company.
  • The Visa is temporary, with an initial validity of three years, however, it can be extended indefinitely. For more information on the TN Visa, enter the Department of State “Mexican and Canadian Professional Workers under NAFTA .”

Another option you currently have is to apply through job recruitment programs , such as and Ai Lab School , both created to bring together and facilitate contact between Mexican professionals and companies in the United States.

Talentum is a private program that began in 2018 and consists of a 21-step process, which aims to relocate Mexican professionals to live and work in the United States legally and quickly.

Once the process begins with Talentum, the average time that candidates receive a job offer ranges from one to three months.

Do you wonder what you need to apply to this program? I detail it below:

  • A TN Visa.
  • Speak English: Have an advanced level of the English language.
  • University degree or professional license within the TN professions.
  • Job offer from a company in the United States (the Talentum process advises and helps you in this part).
  • Willingness to find a new job and change your residence to the United States.
  • Along with Talentum, there is the program offered by Ai Lab School .

This is the first online educational and job placement program in Mexico for Artificial Intelligence . For three months, it provides you with training and the fundamental bases to develop skills in AI programming and, later, you are recruited and guided to apply for job offers in Silicon Valley or in any other technology hub in the States. United, like Houston, Seattle or New York.

This program is exclusively for Mexican programmers and, at the end of it, Ai Lab School and Talentum help you get a job opportunity in the United States .
As you can see, there are several options for you to apply for a job in Silicon Valley.

Keep in mind that getting a job in this city means getting great opportunities, such as expanding your career in the best technology environment, engaging in the most innovative challenges in the industry and earning between 80 and 200 thousand dollars a year , which is equivalent at a salary of 30,000 to 80,000 Mexican pesos per week .

Take advantage of these alternatives and apply today. You can be the next Mexican programmer working in Silicon Valley .

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