How Yalo Helped Customers Give Millions of Responses

With the help of Google Cloud Platform, Yalo worked with the CDMX Government to transmit official information on symptoms, care and measures to more than 15 million people.

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23, 2021

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Yalo , the emerging markets conversational commerce platform, enabled governments and businesses to serve millions of citizens and customers during the pandemic to receive information about COVID-19 with the help of Google Cloud technology. The startup helped people to contact brands to make purchases and answer questions through messaging applications that are currently available to anyone through a mobile device.

The health crisis represented one of the most important challenges for all industries during 2020. Communication through digital channels and mobile applications represented one of the greatest opportunities for companies and governments to keep in touch with their customers and citizens in the face of restrictions and social distancing measures. Yalo’s role was essential for many of these companies to achieve this and Google Cloud , through its technology, allowed him to withstand the peaks of millions of requests without interruptions and provide the customers of those companies with a better and stable experience.

The technology of Yalo, a Latin American firm with operations in emerging countries such as Mexico, Brazil and India, focuses on promoting conversational commerce, the one that happens within messaging applications, in which users spend most of their time of use of the cell phone. Thus, Yalo works hand in hand with companies in the financial, consumer and retail sectors so that they can run in chats the most critical processes of their businesses and offer their clients options to buy and pay without having to leave their homes or even have contact physical. In addition, it provides the tools to companies so that they can serve their customers in a personalized way with the same fluency with which personal messages are written.

During the pandemic, Yalo’s challenge, given the peak generated by the millions of users of companies in these industries, who required and requested attention through messages, demanded to scale its services and have infrastructure in real time. To do this, the company approached Google Cloud to take advantage of tools that allow this flexibility and scalability, such as Google Kubernetes Engine, BigQuery and Looker, and continue serving the same number of clients, and more, in an effective way and without sacrificing quality.

“We have been able to process peaks in traffic without diminishing the quality of service. For example, if in seconds 100,000 people connect in the chat and leave in seconds, Yalo has the ability to withstand such spikes without disruption, ”says Karla Berman, VP of Sales at Yalo.

Google Kubernetes Engine is the Google Cloud solution that enables Yalo to handle 10x spikes in traffic and rely on autoscaling to make infrastructure flexible on the go. This gives the ability to perform advanced customer analytics in record time, using real-time information from your data warehouse. From these deployments, Yalo’s stability increased to 99.9%, resulting in a 72% reduction in support calls from its customers.

Today, due to the operation of the platform, your teams can focus on operation rather than cluster management. Yalo’s business grew five times its size and its cloud spend per customer fell 30%.

The Google Cloud Platform technologies that provided scalability and stability to the Yalo platform were key for the company to work with the Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP) of the Government of Mexico City (CDMX). Together, they created a virtual assistant that helps the community answer questions about COVID-19. Through it, official information on symptoms, care, precautions and action measures could be transmitted to more than 15 million people, residents of the CDMX and metropolitan area.

The pandemic demonstrated that organizations must be closer to their customers through digital channels. Yalo’s technology, backed by Google Cloud tools, proved to have the ability to connect the strategic areas of companies’ businesses with millions of users at the same time, achieving the necessary scalability without interruptions. These types of solutions, although they have escalated in recent months, have proven to be useful, practical and helpful for both users and company employees, so they will continue to be the growing standard of customer service.

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