IE University signs an agreement with Audible to publish management and education audiobooks and podcasts

The alliance seeks to promote the generation and dissemination of content in audio format, from audiobooks to podcasts or articles by professors from the academic institution.

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17, 2021

3 min read

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IE University announced the signing of a collaboration agreement with Audible , an Amazon company, to promote the generation and dissemination of content in audio format, from audiobooks to podcasts or articles by professors from the academic institution, experts in different areas of knowledge. This agreement is part of IE University’s commitment to liquid learning , a model that transforms the learning experience that allows students to attend class in person or connect remotely to the screens installed in the classrooms simultaneously with the same immersive experience and academic excellence.

The agreement has been signed by IE University Editorial Knowledge and comprises various lines of activity such as the recording and broadcasting of podcasts on Audible based on informative and scientific articles by professors, managers and entrepreneurs with experience in different sectors of activity. These podcasts analyze issues such as the challenges facing smart cities, positive leadership, CSR and millennials, managing diversity in organizations, the future of work or the evolution of entrepreneurship maps.

The IE University Editorial Knowledge team is also working on the generation of audiobooks on reference publications such as Global Leaders, by Santiago Íñiguez de Onzoño; Reinvent yourself, by Mario Alonso Puig; Lo Unpredictable, by Marta García Aller; Living in the Future, by Enrique Dans; Totem, by Andy Stalman; o Chief Wellbeing Officer, by Steven Macgregor and Rory Simpson.

The collaboration also includes the development of short-term audio courses that will serve to deepen in different areas of Management such as Marketing, Talent and Human Resources, Innovation and Technology, Strategy, Economy, Finance and Operations, among others.

“At IE University we work with the purpose of driving positive change through education, research and innovation. We are aware of the importance of generating knowledge and disseminating the research production of our experts to fulfill our mission ”, says Santiago Iñiguez de Onzoño, President of IE University

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