Imagine Retiring at 40 or Younger! How to Achieve Financial Freedom.

Take a look at the key points to keep in mind so that you know how to enjoy financial freedom.

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Many times we believe that 35-year-old professionals have decades to go before they retire. However, this is not the case, with a transformation of vision towards the future and a series of financial measures it is possible to achieve it.

“Can you imagine retiring at 40 or younger!” Sara Sandoval , Marketing Manager from He says it is possible and gives us the following tips to achieve it:

1. Be free to decide

The first thing you should do is get to know yourself and decide how you want to live your life as an older adult. Don’t work from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM anymore, and don’t wait a fortnight to depend on your boss to pay you. Changing the way you live is your decision and the most important thing.

2. Don’t misunderstand the concept of wealth

“I would like to have enough money to stop working” or “to be rich to spend without looking at the price”, are genuine phrases but the problem is when they come from wrong or limiting beliefs about money. The concept of wealth is usually associated with a very high income level and owning large properties, the mistake is to associate financial freedom with this idea in your mind. Incorporate a new vision in which time and not money are the determining factor to increase your financial freedom.

3. Focus on what’s important

When you make the decision to have financial security and independence and economic freedom, it is time to focus on how much you spend instead of how much you earn. It is no longer about dedicating your life to work but about channeling your efforts to manage your income, control your emotions and watch what you spend. Take care of your money flow.

Without a doubt, you can achieve your financial independence at 35, 40 or even 50 years old by identifying and closing unnecessary money leaks. You can do a quick calculation and you will be surprised: If you save 30% of your salary by limiting your expenses such as not buying a luxurious car, not always eating out, and not having ant expenses, among others, you will achieve it.

4. Work for and with pleasure

When you manage to save, you can live with enough, so you will dedicate yourself to working on what you like, on what makes you happy, since you will not do it for hours, for money but you will work for satisfaction the hours you want to week. That is, it is not about stopping work completely, but, by saving enough capital, you will only need a part of what you earned before and dedicate the rest of your day to what you imagined.

5. Look for some passive income

Having passive income, or money from sources that do not require a regular job, is an excellent idea and a great challenge to be able to create one or more sources of income that allow you to move to financial security and independence. From writing practical books, interesting blogs, generating real estate income, etc.

It is important to bear in mind that in any given month that income could disappear for unpredictable reasons, although it is also unlikely that it will go to zero overnight. So it’s not about accruing interest over time, but rather getting enough to live on each year.

Sandoval says personal economics experts have also raised some questions about how limiting spending and living lean is likely to translate into early retirement. Who can save with current wages? It is true that working conditions and the standard of living have worsened in recent years and that purchasing power has dropped, about bad times it is important to keep in mind this phrase that the only permanent thing is change, so move, take action Make your standard of living as what you imagine, motivate yourself.

“Life does not prepare us for many things, but retiring years earlier is possible. If you have a goal that seems too big to achieve, break it down into smaller pieces, and go in leaps and bounds. You can ”he concludes.

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