McDonald’s Customers Are Livid Over a New, ‘Weird’ Menu Item: ‘It Tastes Expired’

Customers in Singapore are up in arms after the fast-food chain released a series of new menu items.

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5, 2021

2 min read

McDonald’s customers in Singapore couldn’t help but gag a little bit after the fast food chain announced a menu item in the Southeast Asian country last week. 

On April 29, the chain took to Instagram to announce the arrival of its Chick ‘N’ Cheese burger, along with its Ha! Chicken Drumlets and Pizza McShaker Fries. According to the McDonald’s website, the burger features crispy chicken patties, cheesy mozzarella and a sweet tomato chili jam. The drumlets are covered in a crispy prawn paste coating, while the fries are mixed with oregano, basil, vegetable and tomato powder. 

Customers appeared to take the most issue with the burger — and they made sure to let McDonald’s know on its Instagram account.  

“Very disappointing,” one person wrote. “Essentially a McChicken modified with a chicken cheese patty that is nothing to shout about. Sauce doesn’t blend well, IMO. Better off adding usual tomato sauce and chilli.”

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“Very disappointed,” another added. “Very weird this time. Chicken was boring. Cheese had NO pull okay and tasted very bland. The ayam [which means “chicken” in Indonesian] okay only coz crispy. Fries was not nice also.”

A third was more blunt about the burger’s flavor. 

“IT TASTES EXPIRED, BYE,” the Instagram user wrote. 

According to McDonald’s, the Chick ‘N’ Cheese burger, Ha! Chicken Drumlets and Pizza McShaker Fries are only available in Singapore while supplies last. These menu items might remain in stock for some time, then, given the harsh feedback they’ve received on social media. 

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