Mr Potato Head Goes 'Neutral' to Support Different Gender Identities

Hasbro will release the “Potato Head” family kits, which will include two genderless adult potatoes, a baby potato and 42 accessories.

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February 26, 2021 2 min read

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This story originally appeared on Alto Nivel

The toy company, Hasbro Inc. will remove the name “sir” from the much loved character “Mr. Potato Head ” in order for the toy line to be gender neutral and to broaden the diversity in the tastes and preferences of its consumers.

Also, the series that includes a potato made of plastic with moving parts such as its nose, mustache, glasses and mouth, will be made in a sustainable way, the company said Thursday in a presentation with investors.

A year ago, Hasbro mentioned that the products would be made of “plant-based plastic” and that they would have less packaging of this material, in order to make it more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Toy companies have made an effort to adapt to the changing environment and consumer preferences. Such is the case with Hasbro’s competition in the United States, Mattel Inc., whose sales soared when they added a wider range of skin tones and body types to Barbie dolls. Just as Thomas The Tank Engine has added more female characters and American Girl brought out a male character.

In the presentation, Hasbro highlighted that now more than ever it is important to highlight the values of consumers reflected in their toys.

This fall, Hasbro will release the “Potato Head” family kits, which will include two genderless adult potatoes, a baby potato and 42 accessories , for children to imagine and assemble a whole family.

The “Mr. Potato Head” characters were first sold in 1952 and have long been successful for the toy giant. The line has been renewed to update and adapt to new trends.

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