OLB Group helps minor league baseball teams connect with fans

21, 2021

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Convenience and safety are top priorities for sports team operators.

Next spring, three minor league baseball teams operated by National Sports Services will be welcoming fans back into the stands.  Players from Indiana’s Lafayette Aviator, Pennsylvania’s Johnstown Millrats and The Spartanburgers of South Carolina will take to the field to swing for the fences and belt home runs again.

Behind the scenes, National Sports Services is re-examining the ways that fans will be buying tickets, hot dogs, popcorn, team jerseys and pennants.  With safety and convenience in mind, NSS’s goal is to provide the best fan experience possible.  To ensure that the season opens without a hitch, NSS has made the strategic decision to partner with a company called The OLB Group (NASDAQ:OLB) so that operations at the box office, stadium and online can all work together seamlessly.

The OLB Group is also helping each of the three teams analyze ticket and merchandise sales data in order to create custom promotional and marketing campaigns that will attract more fans.

“Adopting OLB’s solutions represents an important strategic initiative for NSS that will have a profound effect on our ability to lower costs, improve profitability, and, most importantly, create a delightful experience for all our customers,” said Bill Davidson, NSS’s chief executive officer.

At the heart of OLB’s digital commerce offering is its Omnifast platform, a cloud management portal that enables merchants to seamlessly integrate multiple business functions that occur on-site, online, and via mobile devices. 

Baseball party food with balls and mizuno on a wood table.

“OLB’s proven management, point-of-sale, and data solutions will enable our teams to engage with their fans through multiple touchpoints that are safe, secure, and intuitive,” explained Davidson.  “Through our partnership with OLB, we are confident that the teams will be able to build deeper relationships with their respective fan bases by enhancing the convenience of the total stadium experience which will translate into increased revenue and greater profits.”

Davidson added, “Just imagine being a fan purchasing a ticket online with seat selection, pre-ordering concessions and souvenirs for your family, all from the comfort of your home or on your mobile device. The customer has a convenient and enhanced experience at the game while our operations can better manage the inventory of food and beverages by monitoring demand for them along with sales of sports mementos.” 

When it comes to payment processing, OLB is already recognized as a vendor in a league of its own.  

Through OLB’s Omnifast platform, business owners can now do everything from accepting and fulfillling orders to processing payment through both traditional and contactless interfaces.  They can also manage customized data-driven marketing campaigns and customer loyalty programs.   Also assuring for business owners is the fact that OLB’s technology is fully secure and adheres to all data privacy mandates.

Ronny Yakov, chief executive officer of OLB, points out that NSS’s decision to leverage digital commerce technology mirrors the growing demand for these solutions among small and mid-tier merchants.

“Many small and medium-sized businesses have recognized that digital commerce technology can have a transformative impact on their ability to generate revenue and improve profitability, but did not have the budgets or technical skills to take full advantage of these capabilities,” explained Yakov. 

“Today, the advancements in cloud computing have made digital commerce solutions much more affordable and accessible to these merchants—especially those that need safe and reliable payment and fulfillment options,” added Yakov.  “As more merchants seek new strategies to engage with customers, lower operating costs, and reignite their sales efforts, we are confident that other organizations will integrate digital commerce capabilities into their own business processes.”

The OLB Group is completing nearly 25 million transactions a year and expects to see another surge in activity as the global economy recovers from the pandemic. Most recently, OLB Group uplisted to Nasdaq:OLB and successfully raised $6.5 million through Aegis Capital Corporation to accelerate its business plan through organic growth and acquisitions.

To learn more about OLB Group, visit olb.com. Merchants interested in the payment gateway solution can sign up at CryptoAccept.com.

Mitchell Yu is a freelance writer and contributor to USA Today, Forbes and StreetIQ covering trends and key players in the technology, gaming, e-commerce and digital marketing industries.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not reflect those of StockNews.com.

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OLB shares were trading at $5.05 per share on Friday afternoon, down $0.34 (-6.31%). Year-to-date, OLB has gained 2.23%, versus a 11.67% rise in the benchmark S&P 500 index during the same period.

About the Author: Mitchell Yu

Mitchell Yu is a freelance writer and contributor to USA Today, Forbes and StreetIQ covering trends and key players in the technology, gaming, e-commerce and digital marketing industries.


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