Psychology Explains How Daydreaming Reduces Anxiety

Final Thoughts on Daydreaming

There are so many opinions, both professional and amateur, about daydreaming. Some people say having daydreams are good, while others think it’s bad. Psychologists even say that it can indicate mental illness.

The truth is that anything is bad for you if you do it too much. If you allow daydreaming about interfering in your daily functioning or if you replace reality with fantasy, then yes, it’s a problem. However, if you escape into your fantasies for a little while to get away from stress, having daydreams can be unbelievably valuable.

As long as your daydreams are kept under control, it can be beneficial for your health. There is no debate about whether it can help with anxiety or not – done in small doses; it can be as relaxing as a massage. Plus, the other benefits that you get from having daydreams make it even more worthwhile. Don’t be afraid to try it – it’s normal, and most people already have daydreams anyway.

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