Red panties to attract love? We tell you how to really call your life good luck

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In Latin America there are endless traditions to attract luck in the New Year: Wearing red pants to call for love, giving lambs so that the ‘wool’ is not missing, sweeping the door of the house at the beginning of the 12 chimes, having lentils for dinner. that there is abundance, eat 12 grapes for each wish that we want to see fulfilled, etc. However, according to the British psychologist Richard Weisman , luck as such does not exist, what exists is lucky people. He also states that there are people with an attitude in life that makes more good things happen to them, without chance having anything to do with it.

If you are one of those who think that your luck is born with you and is innate, you are wrong. Luck, whether good or bad, you create it yourself.

For that reason, I am going to teach you seven secret methods to attract good luck into your life that are much more effective than living the rest of your life with an amulet or a four-leaf clover.

Remember: your luck is no worse or better than anyone else’s, it depends on you and solely on you.

1. Eliminate negative thoughts

If you are all day lamenting about all the negative things that happen to you and you think that when you leave one another, the same or worse awaits you, then this thought will eventually become reality.

You will think that everything is going against you and you will be so tired of rolling in that loop of dead-end thoughts that in the end you will not fight to change things and improve your life because you think that this is your luck and there is nothing you can do to change it. But, you are wrong.

The way to keep moving forward is to get those negative thoughts out of your head because they are not real. If you do not put an end, you will end up believing them and will be unhappy forever.

2. Don’t close yourself to new opportunities

A person who thinks they are unlucky tends not to identify and take advantage of good opportunities that suddenly arise.

For example, someone who plays many times is more likely to win the lottery than someone who plays once every three months. Or, someone is more likely to find work if they are actively looking for work.

What I want to tell you is that the more you take advantage of opportunities, the more likely you are that good things will happen to you.

3. Get out of your comfort zone

Only those people who decide to experience new things and get out of their comfort zone will have a better chance of having good luck.

Thanks to this great step, you will be able to know yourself more, discover new skills that you did not know, new passions and you will learn to be a little happier doing what you like.

Fear can be a great obstacle that prevents you from launching into the unknown, but if we learn to overcome it, we will achieve things that we could never have imagined.

4. Follow your hunches

One of the reasons why there are “people with bad luck” is because they do not know how to make safe decisions and they do not get carried away by their instincts or hunches.

Instincts sometimes lead to the wrong paths, but according to scientific studies, 80% of the time they will know what is best for your personal and professional field

So listen to your instincts, let yourself be carried away by them and act decisively even if you have to leave your comfort zone and face adversity.

5. If you want new results, don’t take the same steps

Things don’t go the way you want, but you still keep doing things the same way.

If what you want is to get new changes, the first step you should take is to change some habits : live in another city, meet new people, practice a new sport, take a risk in something, etc.

Do not expect to make big changes in a short time, you should start small, changing one or two small habits each week and when you adapt, continue making other bigger changes in your routine. You will see how in this way you get new opportunities.

6. Change your negative mind to a positive mind

Everything has a positive and a negative side, but our mind focuses more on the negative. Try to change this, always looking on the bright side of things. No matter how dark it is, value the positive and give thanks for it.

If you fail with your business, instead of thinking I have failed, shout out loud: I have learned from my mistakes and I will try again.

7. Stay away from pessimistic people

The people you interact with in your day-to-day life can also influence your good or bad luck.

Surrounding yourself with pessimistic and negative people will lower your self-esteem, suck your energy, and make you feel very small. You will not feel motivated by anything, nor will you have restlessness to overcome new challenges.

Identify these toxic people in your life and keep them as far away as possible if you want to have a full and peaceful life.

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