Remote work: the great protagonist of the new normal

March 15, 2021 5 min read

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“Whoever wants to be a leader must serve others.” This is the definition of leadership that I like the most. Because many seek their own interest instead of seeking the welfare of all. Women who want to become agents of change help others achieve their dreams.

But how to achieve a change and impact with your business? You need to put your full attention on the use of technology. Whether in data science, artificial intelligence, internet of things, robotics, 3D printing, drones, bots, among many other tools that make the difference between dying on the business path or staying.

Only those who acquire knowledge and put it into practice will be able to run their business better. That is why Entrepreneur and Mastercard organize the Mujer 4.0 webinar, forming alliances and leadership with a cause , which will be on March 17 at 3:00 pm (Mexico City time) through the Entrepreneur networks in Spanish.

Four multinational CEOs, entrepreneurs and senior managers will be the speakers: Silvina Moschini , CEO of SheWorks! and TransparentBusiness, Marcela Carrasco , president of the Andean Division of Mastercard, Gabriela Lucke , director of the INCAE Collaborative Center and Female Leadership, and Claudia Corona , founder of Impronta Verde and Co-Leader of the 30% Club.

In Latin America, 65% of women who work in the technology sector declare that gender equality has increased, according to the report Where are we now? Understanding the Role of Women in Technology , from Kaspersky .

Another study that lasted 15 years observes that, in 2005, 28% of women held middle and upper management positions. And by 2020, their participation in managerial positions was 38%, which means that the female workforce managed to increase ten percentage points with an average annual growth of 2%.

This according to the study Decent work in Mexico 2005-2020: Analysis with a gender perspective , presented by the Center for Research on Women in Senior Management ( CIMAD ) of the Ipade Business School with the support of AT&T Mexico.

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A multi-award winning serial entrepreneur

March of this year marks one year since the Covid-19 crisis began, which led 3.9 billion people – half of the world’s population – to stay at home.

In this scenario, the companies that implemented remote work in due time were the ones that recovered the ravages of the coronavirus the fastest. Distance work is being consolidated due to the relocation of talent, more flexible hiring schemes and the progressive inclusion of women who are increasingly balancing professional and personal life.

In the Woman 4.0 webinar, forming alliances and leadership with a cause , one of the speakers will be Silvina Moschini, CEO of SheWorks !, a marketplace for hiring professional women with flexible models. Silvina is the first Latin American woman to found and run a $ 1 billion unicorn company. She is a pioneer in remote work as she is the founder of TransparentBusiness, a cloud-based platform that allows remote teams to be managed.

Remote work consolidated itself as the great protagonist of the new normal . From the smallest to the largest companies, they had to adapt their models to distributed teams ”, says Silvina Moschini, LinkedIn influencer, contributor to the World Economic Forum and winner in 2019 of the EQUALS in Tech award, a United Nations initiative that recognizes the most innovative global projects focused on bridging the gender gap through technology.

What began as a massive experiment forced by circumstances, turned out to be a win-win solution: a recent survey by Enterprise Technology Research predicts double productivity in telecommuting by 2021. Its benefits are tangible and create great opportunities for companies and workers.

Silvina, as an expert in digital acceleration and technology, shares three tips for Entrepreneur in Spanish to be successful in 2021:

1. Agility to reinvent yourself

Install practices in your company to speed up processes. It is very important to focus on objectives, structures that favor decision-making and teams with clear and verifiable roles through technology.

2. Talent and flexibility

Once the obvious restrictions related to physical space and movement have been overcome, they have discovered that talent no longer has any geographical border.

3. Work teams in the new era

Surround yourself with people with digital skills, increasingly fundamental skills, according to a Deloitte analysis on how to build teams in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

If you want to receive more advice from Silvina and three other extraordinary businesswomen, join us in the Woman 4.0 webinar, forming alliances and leadership with a cause .

The appointment is next March 17 at 3:00 pm (Mexico time).

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