Restaurant offers 20 thousand pesos a week for the position of taquero and still does not find candidates

The hours of a taquero in this restaurant in San Diego, United States, is 50 hours a week with a payment of 20 dollars each.

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17, 2021

2 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Apparently, there are no tacos in San Diego, California. A chain of taquerías located in this area of the United States is in crisis, since it has not found this type of workforce, although it offers a salary of a thousand dollars per week, which is equivalent to just over 20 thousand Mexican pesos, as reported by Imagen TV .

The case went viral on social networks, where many people who live in Mexico have been interested in the position. A taquero’s hours at this San Diego restaurant are 50 hours a week with a payout of $ 20 each.

Although it is an attractive salary and benefits, the restaurant has not had any easy finding candidates, since no one has shown interest in the position. This means that some establishments close some days of the week, while others have not been able to resume activities.

According to Nora González, the manager of the taqueria, in addition to the fact that this workforce is not very common in California, the health crisis caused by COVID-19 exacerbated the hiring problem, as many people have become ill.

Although to work as a taquero you need to know how to handle knives and a lot of patience, the taqueria offers training and the manager, Jackeline Ponce, explains that this is also paid.

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