Seal the Deal on the Golf Course When You Show Off Your Perfect Swing

This golf training aid can help fix your game.

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February 3, 2021 2 min read

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Entrepreneurship is an exceedingly difficult and stressful business. So of course entrepreneurs love to golf. Whether hitting the links to de-stress or using the game as a negotiating tactic, golf is a sacred element of entrepreneurship for many people.

But it’s considerably less sacred when you can’t work out that dang slice. It might just cost you business. Rather than humiliate yourself by soliciting advice from a potential client, work out your swing before you head out on the course with help from theHANGER.

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This golf training aid is trusted by golf pros to help their students achieve greater clubface awareness, thereby reducing the slices and hooks in their games. The clever tool gives instant feedback when the club opens or closes throughout a swing, alerting you to where in your swing the error occurs so you can quickly fix it. By promoting a square clubface, theHANGER can help you develop a cleaner, more repeatable swing that hits the ball straight and true every time. It also helps eliminate an over-the-top swing path, develops a flat lead wrist, and prevents casting at impact. It’s a single, simplified tool to iron out your swing mechanics.

theHANGER has been featured in Golf Magazine and earned a perfect 5-star rating on Find out why when you get it on sale right now. Normally $69, it’s 20 percent off at just $55.99. It’s available for righties or lefties.

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