'Secret codes' to learn a new language by watching Netflix

Believe it or not, users from various countries in the world (and yes, including Mexicans), are taking advantage of the streaming platform to increase their vocabulary in various languages.

‘Está bien no estar bien’ está disponible en coreano en Netflix.

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January 19, 2021 4 min read

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We are already in the third week of the year and, usually, the motivation to fulfill our purposes fades. The rhythm of work life (even if we are doing home office), school and other pending make us put aside our goals.

However, there is a way to learn multiple languages from the comfort of your couch: watch Netflix .

Although it may seem like a joke, the streaming platform has become a very good tool for practicing a new language, according to a survey by the platform in South Korea, India, Mexico and Turkey.

Fullmetal Alchemist is available on Netflix in Japanese / Image: Netflix

How to learn languages ​​on Netflix

The largest content-on-demand platform has shows and movies from around the world with subtitles in 37 languages ​​and dubbing in more than 34. In other words, you can do marathons in German, Italian or Korean.

Here Netflix offers us a guide and some tips for you to learn languages ​​with its movies and series:

  1. Start with content you already know and watch it again in the language you want to practice. To confirm whether your series or favorite movies have audio in that language, visit n netflix.com/browse/audio and choose the appropriate profile.
  2. Are you still seeing this title? Yes . Ha Oui . Evet Tak . Create another profile and set that new language as the default for that profile, so you can enjoy the learning experience as soon as you log in.
  3. While the ear adjusts, let the subtitles serve as your guide. Change the text, size and color of the subtitles to make it easier for you to see, read and learn. You can also do it in a Children profile if you want the little ones to join in the learning.
  4. You can take it to another level if you specify the country. Enter the name of a country in the search bar to start incorporating the specific accent of that place and get used to the colloquial language.
  5. Enable audio descriptions . Most of the silent parts of the film or series will include authentic audio that will help you understand exactly how native speakers describe some nonverbal actions or traits (such as facial expressions, movements, body language, clothing, physical appearance, etc.)

The Revolution is available on Netflix in French / Image: Netflix

“Secret codes” to watch series and movies by language

Discover what content choose depending on the language you plan to learn as well as some “secret codes” that can be added to your browser (a link www.netflix.com/browser/genre/xxx ) to access a selection of movies and series by language:

  • French (100378) : Ten Percent; The revolution; The Circle: France; The Bazaar of Charity; Lupine
  • Portuguese (107465) : Coisa Mais Linda; 3 %; Airplane mode; Good morning, Verônica
  • German (100379) : Dark; Babylon Berlin; We are a wave; Nailed It! Germany
  • Italian (107553) : Baby; Curon; Black moon; Life before him; The beast
  • Korean (107555) : Emergency landing in your heart; It is good not to be good; Kingdom; Stranger
  • Japanese (107554) : Terrace House; Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories; Alice in Borderland; Fullmetal alchemist
  • Polish (107559) : Ultraviolet; The Coldest Game; 1983; Symbols
  • Turkish (81314775) : The Protector; The Gift; Love 101; We met in Istanbul
  • Hindi (107461): Sacred games; Typewriter; Little Things; Leila
  • English (107548): Stranger Things; Cobra Kai; Love is blind; How to raise a superhero
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