See the Work Spaces of the Blanket Business Encouraging Employees to Take Midday Naps

Bearaby makes weighted blankets to help its customers sleep better. To help its employees work (and live) better, the company embraces a flexible schedule that celebrates snoozing.

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20, 2021

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At Bearaby, it is totally acceptable to on the job. The weighted-blanket startup — which saw revenue soar to more than $21 million in 2020 as consumers looked for ways to de-stress during the pandemic — is built upon a of “sleep wellness.” Bearaby’s 20-plus employees, who are scattered across the globe, are encouraged to take naps throughout the day and, in part, set their own hours. Teams commit to an overlapping three hours of collaborative work time each day, and staffers can select when to complete the rest of their duties, boosting productivity for night owls and early birds alike. Here’s how that flexibility got a global through a year of working at home.

Kathrin Hamm (left), founder and CEO,

“Adapting to a work-from-home lifestyle was rather seamless for us as a company. Having a set of core working hours provides a framework where we can map out our key initiatives together and delegate tasks accordingly. We’ve created unity by taking time to show our appreciation for each other, running quarterly team contests where staff nominate a Bearabuddy in recognition of their work.”

Eduardo Arce Chincaro (center), chief operations officer, Dubai

“Sustaining flexibility is much more challenging than initiating it. We don’t always get it right from the beginning—and when we don’t, we adjust. Embracing a bit of fluidity has provided key learnings and helped lead to growth as a company.”

Joaquin Arce Chincaro (right), chief growth officer, Dubai

“I enjoy working with colleagues from all around the world — Spain, Germany, Peru, , India, South Africa, and many more. Some days, I might have late evening calls with colleagues in the U.S., and that’s where our ‘sleep-in allowance’ helps ensure I have time to properly decompress and rest for the next day ahead.”

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Amber Morasse, PR manager, Los Angeles

“I’m an early riser by nature, and as PR manager, I like to start my day with the morning cycle to be aware of trending stories and opportunities for media placements. Creating in an industry that never sleeps has been a challenge for me in the past, but my newfound ritual of an afternoon nap keeps me grounded on busy workdays.”

Ruchika Aswani, operations and finance lead, Dubai

“I like to putter in the morning: Read the news, talk to my family, eat a lavish breakfast. In theory, it all sounds great; in reality, I was always rushing to work and barely making it by 9 a.m. Since I started working with Bearaby, I don’t rush in; I take my time to get to work, and it is not only accepted but celebrated. People are different. Some are early risers, some are night owls. Flexibility ensures maximum productivity.”

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Marco Espinoza, senior manager, operations and supply chain, Chicago

“As a new team member hired during COVID, waking up earlier for meetings or responding to emails during nontraditional office hours can be challenging, but creating new work habits made it easier. Turning my camera on during meetings helps me feel more engaged and has been an effective way to get to know my team despite working in different places.”

Claire Purcell, freelance copywriter, London

“As a freelance, contract employee, I’m used to being an annex of a team, always staying on the periphery of an organization. By contrast, Bearaby brought me into the fold almost immediately, and it made me feel like part of the family. By nurturing that sense of togetherness, they’ve been able to foster a sense of unity among team members around the world.”

Image Credit: All Photos Courtesy of Bearaby

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