The 10 commandments of a good leader

“A true leader has a deep sense of justice.” How can you become one? Follow these guidelines to the letter.

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According to a survey conducted by OCCMundial , 60 percent of professionals consider that leadership is the main attribute of their superiors.

It is true, leadership is the managerial or directive skill par excellence , and it consists of having the ability to influence the way of being of people or a certain group of people, ensuring that the work is carried out with enthusiasm and focus on achieving goals and objectives.

Thus, a leader is much more than a boss: he is a person who has the ability to make wise and timely decisions to lead a work group and inspire it to achieve a common goal; is a person capable of taking the initiative, managing, convening, promoting, encouraging, motivating and evaluating to achieve the business objectives of an area or a company.

However, not all leaders are born that way: many are formed along the way. You can work on becoming one by following these 10 secrets:

1. Master your area. This is, of course, the first requirement: a leader MUST be an expert in their field. You must have sufficient experience to make projections and face crises, as well as to share your knowledge with others.

2. Trust yourself. A leader knows his talents well, but is also aware of his limitations. Therefore, you are able to make important decisions without hesitation.

3. Be of integrity. A true leader has a deep sense of justice. You are consistent in your thoughts and actions, and you treat the people around you with respect.

4. Be flexible. Stiffness cannot be part of your way of being and working. On the contrary, a leader must be flexible to modify the way of working and strategies when necessary.

5. Take your responsibility. Every genuine leader knows how to take the consequences, whether positive or negative, of their actions. Also, put pride aside to apologize when necessary.

6. Share responsibilities and achievements. Good leaders know that delegating responsibilities is not a threat to them. On the contrary, they know that it is important to empower their employees and celebrate successes together.

7. Be empathetic. That is, to generate a connection with the team members, attend to their needs and offer solutions to their requests.

8. Offer feedback. Write down the mistakes and successes of your work team, always in a respectful and cordial way. Also be willing to listen to the observations of others.

9. Prioritize communication. Recognize the work of others and offer growth opportunities to your subordinates.

10. Plan. Have the ability to put together a plan and establish strategies to achieve the objectives.

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