The 10 most demanded tech jobs in 2021

The search for talent with digital and technological skills has increased 20%, according to the 2021 Compensation Study prepared by Michael Page.

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February 17, 2021 4 min read

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The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the business ecosystem not only in digital acceleration, but in the way organizations develop their talent in the face of new labor needs.

The 2021 Remuneration Study made by the recruitment company for managerial and executive positions Michael Page , the search for talent with digital and technological skills has increased 20% since the health emergency began.

Companies have had to reinvent themselves, retrain their people and step on the accelerator to digitize their processes, optimize their resources and strengthen their cybersecurity . In this transition they require new talent with technological and digital skills.

Next, we present the most demanded positions of this type:

Head of Growth or Chief Growth Officer (CGO) for Marketing

In marketing, this position is responsible for managing, developing the strategy and executing it for the acquisition of new users, through programs and channels with paid media. Perform A / B tests, and create analysis and reporting systems that allow you to optimize each resource.

Head of Growth or Chief Growth Officer (CGO) for business growth

This role also helps the growth and development of all areas of the business with planning and strategic business thinking. He helps lead the expansion plans for the market and shape the plan for the launch of new services, while ensuring strong coordination with government relations, marketing and technology teams along the way.

Head of Product

This position designs and manages product launch development, prioritizing business and market needs. Leads the organization of digital products. He is responsible for creating a vision and strategy for the entire digital products organization.

E-commerce Manager

It is a position that plans, designs, executes and controls the online sales process to achieve the profitability of said sales channel. You are also responsible for knowing your target market to reach them through digital strategies that increase sales in the e-commerce channel.

Open Source Developer

Open source software specialist, capable of programming based on the DNA of each platform or computer application. Your job is to create source codes that establish how a certain computer program should behave and what functions it can perform.

Network Engineer or Connectivity and Network Engineer

He is a professional with extensive knowledge in computing, telecommunications, network security and management of modern information techniques. Its job is to design, configure, implement and manage communication networks.

Security Engineer or Security Engineer

He is a professional who is responsible for designing computer systems to prevent or counteract malicious cyber attacks or hacking attempts. They monitor networks and systems for security breaches or intrusions.

Head of Supply Chain or Supply Chain Director

Professional responsible for managing the flow of goods, data and finances that involve a product or service. Supervises from the acquisition of raw materials to the delivery of the product to its final destination.

Procurement Head

Professional responsible for business functions, such as purchasing planning, inventory control, traffic, receiving, incoming inspection, and salvage operations.

Chief Information Officer or Director of Technology

It is who is in charge of monitoring all the technological processes of a company. It guides the information systems, the objective of the organization, and includes growth plans and strategies to follow to meet that objective.

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