The 6 Bosses You Wouldn't Wish on Your Worst Enemy

There are many types of employers, but there are those that are incredibly difficult to live with on a day-to-day basis.

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During your professional career, you have surely come across bosses of different styles, characters and ways of working . Knowing how to collaborate with different people is part of being a professional, however, there are classes of employers with whom it is extremely difficult to live on a daily basis.

I present you some types:

1. The Culpogen
My definition of culpogenic leadership refers to an unhealthy way of managing people that tries to achieve effectiveness through the development of a feeling of guilt in its collaborators. The guilty leader will not challenge you, but will act as if he were perfect, immediately putting you at fault, in the position of debtor.

As concrete examples of this, I can mention the following sayings: “Let me lift that board, even though my back hurts so much”, or “At your age I always stayed after hours”. They can also say “Go home to enjoy your family while I stay here finishing work.”

I can’t help but think that whoever says things like that is trying to be an example for others. That could be your excuse, but in reality what you are looking for is to generate a feeling of debt in others. Nor is it about omnipotence. It is about installing the notion of debt of affection.

In such cases, taken from reality, I knew the feeling of discomfort of the collaborators choosing any of the two options that their boss left them: if he stayed in the office, guilt for not being with his family. If he went home, blame the boss.

Why with a boss like this – supposedly so good – people produce little, do not generate ideas or have very little initiative?

2. The Changeling
You can never predict his mood, his mood, or his strategy. Unable to set goals, even in the short term, he says things like “In this country you can’t plan because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow” or “Improvising went well for me, I’m not going to change now.”

The consequence in you will be bewilderment and a sense of loss of purpose. You will even come to think if it is worth projecting yourself in an organization that has this boss as a model.

3. The Meddler
He constantly inquires about your private life, disguising it as good intentions. He will ask you how you are with your partner; It will make recommendations regarding your investments, it will tell you that it is not convenient to take credits at this point in your life or that you will have time to do so later.

You will feel that more than a counselor you have someone who considers you their adolescent.

4. The promising
It will tell you that the increase in salary will come when you show better performance; that the company is about to become a leader in its segment or that your promotion will come when you least expect it. At first you believe him, because he is your boss and he would not have to lie to you. Time will make his mask fall and therefore his credibility.

5. The rush
You feel that he is pressuring you more because of his ignorance than because of the necessity of events. He leads one hundred percent on impulse, has mental agitation and believes that if things are not resolved immediately they will never find a solution.

My suggestion is that you don’t let him drag you down by his anxiety, but can teach him that working efficiently involves planning and executing tasks following established methods. And that this does not imply waste of time but optimization of them.

6. The (not) boss
Every time you need it, it is not there. You know his voice more than his face. Most of the problems should be solved by you and in the best of cases, together with your team. This boss boasts saying that he gives his employees autonomy when in reality what he gives them is loneliness.

You can hardly feel good with a person who has never cared to teach you and who is completely unaware of the value of giving you feedback on your work.

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